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Dec’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find…… a little boy crying and sulking he looked very sad lord nulth almost felt sorry for him, but lord nulth was way to manly for him he did not want to help him after all everyone else has already fled the town. But what was lord nulth going to do about him he couldn’t just leave him there he had to help him. No he couldn’t of lord nulth just finally helped a kid he actually just helped someone. He just told that kid where his family was and went back to his evil lair.

Mickey’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find an empty bag. He reached his hand down in confusion, with the guards looking worried. He turned the bag over and notices a very large hole underneath the bag. He stares into the distance watching a little baby joey hopping down the street. “That’s impossible!” The Lord said. “But you can imagine it,” said one of the guards. The Lord glares at him as and tells them that won’t happen as he declared a war. To his surprise the darkness lifts from the sky. The Lord stands there in shock watching everything change back again.

Jacob C’s 100WC

He was shocked to find a young boy at his feet. The boy stared for a while, then he bolted, he ran as fast as he could. The lord’s guards fumbled and tripped over leaving the boy to run. “You stupid, insolent things, after him now!” The lord happily watched as his guards grabbed the boy, he let out a laugh that could be heard for miles, he was happy knowing his deed was done, imagination was gone and nothing could bring it back, ‘although’ he thought, there might be more like that boy, he was sure it wasn’t over.

Ruby’s 100WC

He was shocked to find one of his guards! He jumped on the Lord of Nulth and the lord fell to the ground. He decontrolled all the guards except for himself then he dragged the Lord of Nulth into one of the animal cages and let all the animals free. He dumped the guards into the other cages. The world became a much happier place. The Lord of Nulth and his guards grew old in those cages and nether were realised. Now the animals have bread and there are more and the one guard which they call him their king.

Madison’s 100WC

He was shocked to find two blue eyes staring from a small white face.

“What on earth” said the Lord of Nulth?

The girl crept from the sack with a furry little body in her arms, “please sir, let him go to the night zoo” she whispered. “What is he?” he growled,” He is a monkey, sir” she said, “Please let him go to the night zoo” she begged.

Something in her whispering voice made him think, the child only wants this for the creature. His icy heart melted and the darkness left, the monkey got to the night zoo.

Gee’s 100WC

He was shocked to find an empty sack, opened before him. Glancing up, he whined in agony, “Whaaaaaaaat?” The Lord of Nulth lugged the sack towards his robotic guards with an astonished face. Slipping his hand through the rounded sack, The Lord of Nulth turned into a menace with his severe change of mood. He stomped past his army, scrambling in and out of the darkness in search for the missing animal. The ground rumbled beneath us, as if he was going to start an earthquake with the force of his feet. “Whe- Wha- How- Ah…” he exclaimed in bewilderment.

Ed’s 100WC

He was shocked to find a beaten old man who was wearing a necklace as bright as the sun, the man had cuts and bruises all across his body. North took a step back covering his dark eyes from the piercing light, the guards in silence slowly creeping away form the scene. The man stood tall over North like a skyscraper, he look at north with anger and steam blowing out of his years, “what is the meaning of this” the man hissed. North started to walk back from the man, the man just stood their waiting for an answer.

Jacob T’s 100WC

When he opened the bag he was shocked to find a bag of sand and a voice recorder. He has been tricked by the robots. The robots shoved the man in the bag. They did this because they were badly treated and didn’t like doing their job. The robots did what he would do to the prisoners. Make sure they can’t get out and torture them. So that’s what they did first they kicked him and then punched him. Then hit him then cut him. Then hit with a car and then the worst of all threw him off the pier.

Smithy’s 100WC

He was shocked to find a baby? The robot had lied “this baby cannot talk” the man said as the robot was sentenced off to prison. The man had a closer look at the baby. The babies’ eyes were as dark as rain clouds, his fingers were as pointy as knifes, his nose was as pointy as the Eiffel towers tip and his fingers were as silver and strong as medal. The baby laughed all the sudden the man smiled that’s when he had noticed the baby was holding a note as he opened it he was surprised! And that’s when he had realised….

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