October 2014 archive

Jacob T’s 100 WC

One morning I woke up to a big bang. I went outside to investigate what it was; it was a huge meteorite! As the day went on, groups of people kept on stopping to see what it was. The fire brigade also arrived to investigate the scene. By the time darkness hit there was a huge flash of light which blinded me. It was glowing. Suddenly I was able to see again, the meteorite seemed different this time! When I woke up the next morning everyone had gone. The meteorite was no longer there! Instead the meteorite had transformed into a huge gold nugget. Something never seen before.

Dec’s 100 WC

BANG, BANG, BANG! The fireworks went off like two massive symbols being smashed together and they were soooooo bright that we could not even see the others because the first two or three were as bright as the sun. Then suddenly I was able to see again the kids were all screaming, the mums were squealing and the dads were shouting but I was fine I did not feel a thing until it hit me it was so bright again and then I could not breathe, I didn’t know what was going on until I woke up.

Lloyd’s 100 WC

I am floating on top of the water now, in the middle of the ocean, I can’t hold myself up much longer, I start sinking. I tell myself to keep going and push myself up…..  it doesn’t work. I am clinging on now and the thought of what’s going to happen next brings a shiver down my spine, or maybe that’s just the cold water running along my back. I am sinking…. drowning, my lungs are tightening…… Suddenly I was able to see again, it was just a bad dream. I look at the clock…. I am late for school.

Alex V’s 100 WC

Firstly my name is Fraser and I am blind. I can’t see one little thing. I know
what you are thinking it’s sad, but I was born like this and that’s how it
is going to stay unless a miracle happens. I have to go to school now.
Here I am at school which I don’t like and it’s raining. I love RAIN. I
go outside and spin around, enjoying the rain. It felt so beautiful. Soon
two drops fall into one of each of my eyes. Suddenly I was able to see
again. It was a magical miracle. I felt so alive!

Eloise’s 100 WC

The day of my operation arrived. I had found out that my brain wasn’t functioning with my eyes which resulted in me being blind. I counted in from ten and before I knew it, I was fast asleep. My brain awoke and suddenly I was able to see again, just like when I was little. It took a while for me to get used to the beauty of light. From that day on I admired every snowy mountain, river and even my school and house, thinking of what I missed and hoping I could stay like this forever and ever.

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