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Ed’s 100 WC

I could not believe the smell that infected the air around me, I felt like there was no escape. I run towards the door but the smell if following me, I feel like I’m going to die it smells that bad, I cough thinking it was my time to go to the heavens. I don’t know why the smell or how the smell is following me. I fall to the ground looking up in the air and huddle up, and think to my self this is the end. But then I remember I had beans, I smell my bum, it was me.

Jacob T’s 100 WC

As soon as I woke up I went on the computer to see if I got the job I wanted. I wanted to work at the local school. “Oh my god, I got the job!” said Mark. Except I didn’t read the last bit where it said that I was the new janitor. On the first day I could not believe the smell of the toilets. When I shoved down the toilet plunger it became stuck! Once I pulled it out something was on the bottom of it? It was a giant hair ball! I looked at it then fainted…

Ruby’s 100 WC

As I got in the car I could not believe the smell, it smelt like something had gone off, but what could it be? My mum and dad didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t the petrol or the air conditioner. I checked under the seats but there wasn’t anything there. But wait is there something in the boot I think there might be. I held my nose as I went in past the chairs and into the boot. “Mum, dad,” I said as I lifted open the picnic basket, “Look!” And all along it was just smelly off milk.

Madison’s 100 WC

I could not see, I knew I was in a room with walls covered in vines for I could feel the cold leaves. The roof was hung with dangling cold glass as if they were spears. Then I realised a key hole hidden by the vines for I could feel it. I traced my finger over it. Where was the key? Then I heard wings, I whirled around.
A bird started to sing the beautiful melody I had heard before, the music filled me with happiness I hadn’t felt. And suddenly I could see again!
Golden Bird! The bird of healing!

Petra’s 100 WC

Amy is a 12 year old girl. She lives on a farm 2,000 miles from her town it is called Dimboola. It is really hard for Amy to work on the farm because Amy has a disease and that disease is called blindness. She had the disease since she was 2 years old. She was doing her homework but suddenly there was a miracle and that miracle was “I can see!” screamed Amy “MOTHER, FATHER I CAN SEE!” “Really Amy you can see!” screamed her mother surprised “Mother I can see I’m not lying” replied Amy “THAT’S AWESOME HONEY!” said Amy’s mother and they lived perfectly for the rest of their life.

Aiden’s 100 WC


Mum: “What happened?”

Me: “I was investigating why the sun burned me”

Mum: “This is why you should always wear your sunscreen!”

Me: “Well when I was investigating with my magnifying glass I couldn’t find any clues”

Mum: “Let me guess… did you try looking in the sun?”

Me: “I was trying to see if there was any clues in the sun”

Mum: “Well everyone knows not to look in the sun”

Me: “oh… so how can I get better?

Mum: “Just eat this carrot”

…Then suddenly he was able to see again…

Me: “*nom nom* wait why is this carrot purple?”

Mum: “You can see again!”

Cara’s 100 WC

I’m a boy named Rupet and I am blind. I use to suffer many people teasing me that do not understand the way I feel. I have been blind from when I was born to now. I have never known there was a difference in sight, I always thought everyone could only see dark, black, gloomy darkness. Until now, I have had surgery to cure me being blind and I am so happy with the outcome, Suddenly I’m able to see again out of one eye and faintly out of the other. I now see my friends and family who love me.

Smithy’s 100 WC

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt nothing but complete utter loss, fear, uncertainty, and sadness? Have you ever had a time in your life were you could see nothing but darkness? Well that’s basically what’s happening to many people around the world! Imagine what life would be like to have no vision. To not see the bright colors of happiness and the dark colors of sadness to not see the most beautiful things and the world around you but most importantly not to see the people that really matter. This is happening to many people all over the world and its time for it to stop! Suddenly I was able to see again that we can change the WORLD!

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