October 2014 archive

Georgie’s 100 WC

I opened my eyes and I saw trash, rubbish, I was in a dump, literally! I don’t even want know how I got there but let me tell you I could not believe the smell. I tried to figure out when and who put me here and then I remembered. It was Halloween and as well as every other teenager I wanted to scare kids, so I hopped in my bin. I was with my friends and when they pressed the doorbell I was hiding in the bin and when the door opened I scared the living daylight out of them.

Riley’s 100 WC

It was my dream to go to America ever since I was a little boy, and that dream had finally come. My friends and I have booked a stunning hotel in Vegas and we are pumped. It was time to go so I said my final goodbye to my family as I walked into the airport. I boarded my flight and after 18 hours I landed in Vegas. All of us men gathered together and headed off to our hotel, as we opened the door to our room I could not believe the smell, it was the best smell ever. 

Will C’s 100 WC

I was having breakfast with Billy and Greg came in and boy he smelt. In fact, I could not believe the smell it was that bad. Greg hadn’t showered for ages because he was trying to break a record, but Billy and I had a plan today. When Greg came to the table we grabbed him and pushed him in the pool. But it was a bad idea because after he splashed in the pool we realised he couldn’t swim, so he drowned. So we jumped in to save him but we couldn’t swim either so we drowned. Whoops!

Aiden’s 100 WC

…Jeff could not believe the smell…

Jeff: “Oh man! Who Farted!?!”

Frank: “Not me!”

Bob: “But Frank, didn’t I see you eating all my baked beans yesterday?”

Frank: “What? I never did that!”

Jeff: “Frank, no one farts as rank as yours!”

Frank “You only said that because of my name!”

Bob: “Wait a minute… has Frank ever farted?”

Frank: “No!”


Bob: “Why so angry Jeff?”

Jeff: “HE IS A LIER!!!”

Bob: “Has Frank ever lied?”

Frank: “Never”


Bob: “Jeff are you lying?”

Jeff: “NO! And someone tell me what that smell came from”

Frank: “Oh that was just my perfume”


Alex D’s 100 WC

I was going to Mexico on a plane. We checked in and walked to our plane so we could fly off. I could not believe the smell of the plane, it smelt horrible. It smelt like rotten eggs. I felt really sick so I asked the manager to put the air conditioner on so it would smell better. She said “Ok sweetheart, I’ll do that”. When the air conditioner was on it smelt so much better, it smelt like beautiful flowers. It was like a new plane so I could get to sleep easier and I drifted off real nicely.


Petra’s 100 WC

“Why do I have to live in a cruel, dirty world?” moaned Sandy. “Why can’t we live in a clean and wonderful world? What do you think Magic?” asked Sandy. But as always Magic would not listen (Magic is Sandy’s dragon). One day there was a smell, a smell she could never believe. “What is this smell it, it is wonderful.” (Sandy could not believe the smell) It was, it was cleanness and blueberry pie. “Mmm yummy, blueberry pie,” said Sandy. She flew her dragon to try and find the cleanness and blueberry pie too. Sandy and Magic found the cleanness and the blueberry pie and had a happy and clean life.

Brooke’s 100 WC

On a cold Sunday night, the Baker family visited their auntie and uncle. Olivia was so excited to see her baby cousins Xavier and IslaWhen they arrived, Olivia and Emily ran to the front door and rang the doorbell. Their uncle and their baby cousin Xavier welcomed them in.  Emily was so excited that she ran to Xavier and gave him a big hug, after she gave Xavier a hug she went to the kitchen to say hello to her auntie and then she said to her sister, “I could not believe the smell in this kitchen” and Olivia said “Me too”. Then they went to play with their cousins and after a little while they sat down and enjoyed a tasty meal. 

Gee’s 100 WC

Inhaling fumes, of what I believe to be petrol, filling my bedroom. I immediately widen my eyes and scramble out of the blankets and sheets that make up my bed. Peeping out through my window, the blaring sun is barely out yet. Although, I spot two men; head to toe in black, pouring the fuel towards my house. I could not believe the smell, beginning to circle through my head. My feet drag me downstairs to my parent’s bedroom, screaming with fear. My parents jump and willingly race towards me, but in seconds; my house engulfs in flames around me…

Will K’s 100 WC

It was show and tell time. I was next, I was going to tell everyone about my dreadful experience in America. Randy had just finished his story, so it was my go. I went up and started. “On the summer holidays I went to America, I had a great time; I went to Disneyworld and went on heaps of rides. That was the good part but the bad part was, my family and I went on a walk, we were walking along the path when a skunk jumped out and farted! I could not believe the smell it was one of worst experiences of my life.”

Madison’s 100 WC

The key was small, silver and cold, where was the key hole that would reveal its secrets with the cold touch of the key?

I searched among the old ruins and all of its passages, not anything, I had just started walking back to the granny cottage when a white dove flew to a small pile of twigs.

The way the twigs were heaped was suspicious.

I moved the twigs aside and found a trap door, I unlocked it and inside was a single golden feather, and I could not believe the smell. The smell of my dying mothers perfume.

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