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Ruby’s 100 WC

As I tip toed down the stairs, I heard a big bang. Suddenly Tips the cat run past me as quickly as he could. I ran into the kitchen and realized that Tips had knocked a green glass over and it had broken. I quickly cleaned it up and ran back upstairs before mum saw me. I lifted my sheets from my bed and hid under them and a few minutes later, I was fast asleep. I woke suddenly and realized that it was all a dream. “Come on Sally,” I said to my sister, “lets go swimming together.”

Gee’s 100 WC

Swimming from end to end, I practise for hours every day in my backyard. Water flushes against my face, as I glide across the twenty-five metre distance. As I gently lift myself out of the cold water, my body hits the breezy air. I glance up, as I remove my green swimming cap and goggles. As I jump into the warmth of my towel, I feel my heart had broken while noticing a small cat stuck in a tree. I signal to the cat I was coming to the rescue and run off. Running across to the cat, I was stopped…

Taco’s 100 WC

“It’s broken, my green swimming cap,” I say to my mum, tears running down my cheeks, as I lift it up from the floor in two pieces. Ever since yesterday I have been so angry with my cat that ripped my green swimming cap in half. I feel a jab of fear too, when I have to face my dad and say that I’ve broken the old, green swimming cap. To get rid of the feeling of fear, I get out my art and craft set and start to glue it back together. I think to myself, will he notice?


Hi Everyone,

I am still having issues with my school email! I now can’t reply and it is a problem with the CEO server, so I cannot do anything about it! I am not ignoring any of your emails, but I simply can’t write back tonight! Those with Instagram, contact me via that if need be……


Miss Baker

Eloise’s 100 WC

I could not believe the smell of the garden. It was full of beautiful flowers. From daisies to sunflowers, from roses to gardenias, nearly every possible flower with every beautiful scent. I kept walking through the garden until I reached an old but gorgeous swing made from the finest oak covered in vines. As I was swinging, something caught my eye. It was a small house covered in vines, surrounded with flowers. I had a peep into the house when I heard, “Eve, time to go,” I ran out of the bushes and will never forget the beautiful hidden garden.

Lloyd’s 100 WC

I woke up and checked the time, 8:15!!! I am going to be late for school; I quickly got changed and ran down stairs as fast as I could. When I got down mum was at the kitchen making breakfast, I could not believe the smell.

“What are you cooking mum?”

“Just some bacon and eggs.”

Bacon and eggs were my favourite!

“But it will take about another 20 minutes which means you will be late for school.”

Should I stay and have my favourite breakfast and be late for school or be early for school with no breakfast? What a dilemma!

Liv’s 100 WC

On Wednesday morning I was walking on my way to school. As I passed Bridge Rd, I could not believe the smell. I wasn’t sure where exactly the smell was coming from, was it Miss Stan’s home, the bakery or was it the Candy store. So I turned right into the road and yes as I got close I could smell the freshly baked toffee from the candy shop. I looked in my wallet and I had just the right amount of coins to buy a toffee. So I got my toffee and got to school right on the bell.

Dec’s 100 WC

 Yippee this is so fun! We were playing chasey and I was it. I ran and chased my friend and got him and as soon as I got him he FARTED! It was disgusting, I fell to the floor and so did everyone else on the playground! Some people actually fainted, no one knew what to do, we could not move at all. I saw the principal and I signalled to him to grab the gas mask because I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE SMELL. He got the gas masks and we all were fine, but it was disgusting.

Emma’s 100 WC

One day I was on my way home, I got home to my mum saying where do you want to go? “We can go to a café or something because Lachie is at martial arts and Tom is on camp. Where do you want to go?”

I said “Maybe we can go to that new café.”

I forgot the name but mum knew what I was talking about. We drove to the café. When I walked through the door, I could not believe the smell it was amazing! It took me a while to decide but I got some macaroons.

Jacob C’s 100 WC


“And another one bites the dust.” I can hear from down the street as the Jones boys start their neighborhood bulling trip for the weekend.

Doesn’t matter if you are good with come backs because they don’t taunt you they beat you down.

At school they said I was going down this weekend because I stood up for a kid a school.

I faced the music and walked outside to greet them, they grabbed me and carried me over to a sewer entrance and threw me in.

I could not believe the smell and I couldn’t get out until 5.00pm.

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