September 2014 archive

Maddy’s 100 WC

The plan was being held up,

Oh max!

I’m Lindsey Detect and I’m a spy, agent LD10.

I’m waiting for my partner, MF10, we were supposed to be meeting at the scene, the Old house that was haunted by the spirits of thieves and murderers that were found dead.

The place was noisy with moans or cackling.

I was on the case but Max wasn’t organised.

I hear a stick crack, I turn and see a white figure.

“At last we can make a start,” whispered the figure.

That’s the last thing that crossed my mind,

I had been tricked.

Liv’s 100 WC

Grace and her very best friend Lucy had planned to make a cake together on the weekend the day before at school. On Saturday, Lucy arrived at Grace’s house and the girls got ready to cook but there was a problem, to be able to make the cake they still had to get eggs and flour so they walked down to the shops. They got to the supermarket but it didn’t have the eggs or flour they needed so they went to the next shop which did. When they finally got home Lucy said, “Finally we can make a start!”

Alexandra’s 100 WC

It was a sunny day, too sunny just to sit around. However Alexa and Dave had a massive assignment to do which was due the next day! Alexa and Dave were thinking, “Do we just in the pool or do I do my assignment?” They decided the pool, so they jumped in and started swimming. “Oh no!” said Alexa, “How long have we been in this pool?” They quickly jumped out so all warm and finally we can make a start to this assignment. Dave and Alexa ran into the house, when they were finished they could relax in peace.

Ed’s 100 WC

Finally we can make a start on running away from the man who gave us five minutes to hide or run for our lives. He is coming after us with a rifle, he wont stop until he sees our lifeless bodies on the ground. We run until we have no more energy and hide in a cave, we hear the giant jeep driving and getting closer and destroying everything in its path. My friend makes a run for it and I stay back in the cave and cuddle into my knees. Everything is quiet until I hear… BANG, BANG, BANG!

Georgie’s 100 WC

Finally we can make a start, a fresh new start to the school year. I hope the first day back will be the perfect day, but I was wrong. I was pushed, shoved and tumbled from side to side. This day could not get any worse. Then the first session came and it was fine until a girl pushed my books off the desk. A guy came over and picked up my books for me. I kept thinking and wondering why me? Why did he pick my books up for me? Who was he and why me, just why me?

Emma’s 100 WC

Hi, my name is Lily and for all my life I wanted to build my own doggy day care and look after dogs while people are on holiday, but I haven’t got the time, the money or the materials to make it happen. I am calling over some of my friends to help and put their money in to make it and finally we can make a start. We built the shop together, made the plans together and did it all together. Now, together we can run our shop, once again together, we all deserve to run our beautiful shop.

Eloise’s 100 WC

“5 minutes until all racers must be in their cars and ready to race,” announced the man over the P.A. I was so happy that I could finally pursue my car racing dreams. We were all beaming from ear to ear as the lights flashed a dark amber colour, this was my chance. Of course something had to wreck this moment, a cat was on the track! The small, black kitten was finally removed and the crowd cheered as loud as roaring thunder when the official yelled, “FINALLY WE CAN MAKE A START! 3, 2, 1,” and we were off!

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