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Taco’s 100 WC

My mum and I are on the way to the hair dressers. I have had nits and mum wants them out, we travel down many roads to finally reach the hair dressers which is run by a teenage girl named Gabby. She starts to brush my hair and frantically struggles at each knot. My mum offers a hand but she insists to do it on her own. After 20 minutes of brushing and combing my hair, finally we can make a start on my new hair style. I rush through the pages of a magazine then I pick one out……

Smithy’s 100 WC

My heartbeats as loud as a rocket exploding, finally we can make a start. BAM! Goes the gun, my legs zoom through the air like a torpedo. I start to slow down about 20 metres before the finish line, I try and try but I can’t do it any more. Still slowly run and everyone starts to catch up, I finally finish the race and not knowing what place I have got. We line up along the start line and she announces the winners. “In 4th place Aria Marina, in 3rd place Julia Hastings, in 2nd place… Holly Hills…” That’s when I realised… I had won!

Mia the new girl

“I wonder what my school will be like?” wondered Mia. It was Mia’s first day at hart lake primary school. Mia has moved from Sydney to Melbourne and was ready to make a new start and it is seconds away from the school bell to ring and school will start. Mia loved animals and loved making new starts. BIB, BIB, BIB the school bell rang and it was time to start Mia’s first day of school. “Class we have a new student today and her name is Mia!” explained the teacher “Mia you can go sit next to Tilly and her friends” proudly said the teacher. “OK!” said Mia soon as Mia sat down Tilly and her friend started speaking but to Mia’s surprise it wasn’t nice words. “What is your hair made out of? Rats!” “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” laughed Tilly and her friends. “God help me” Mia said in her mind. “Mia don’t listen to them” said Rebecca “Thanks for the advice will you be my friend?” asked Mia “Of course I will” replied Rebecca “Let’s be BFF forever” said Rebecca. Mia made a heap of friends and had a wonderful time at hart lake primary school and hart lake city.

By Petra

Gee’s 100 WC

Scrambling through the deck, all aching to find a spot on the old planks of wood making up this abstract structure. Escaping to another country is a risky move, hearing my conscience tell me to hurdle back to the port. Lonely, I gloomily lift my eyelids, squinting into the blaring sun. A despaired man jumps towards the boat, glaring through my eyes like an owl watching you through a peculiarly cold night. Ropes are disconnected from the decking, gliding us off through the water, finally we can make a start of an adventure to never forget. Now, let’s survive this… 

Will K’s 100 WC

Oliver woke up and he got ready for the big day. He arrived at school with his two brothers and three sisters. He said goodbye to his mum. His race was the first race. He got to his classroom and they started the short, easy walk over to the park. When they arrived Oliver did his stretches. As everyone arrived Oliver was looking for the fastest runner he wasn’t coming! The teachers didn’t know whether to start with out him or not. Then he arrived out of the blink of an eye. “Finally we can make a start,” Oliver said.

Ruby’s 100 WC

Tick tock went the clock as I sat in my chair like a stiff log. My breath looked like a fog cloud. I was shivering from my head to my toes waiting for Mr. Drum to put down the test. He put it down on my table with a disgraceful look. I can’t really blame him I always get a D in all my tests. “Finally we can make a start”, the person next to me says as I pull a little smile. I look down at the first question. How can I finish this test, I think to myself?

JT’s 100 WC

Bob and Jane were planning on going on a picnic. They were feeling very excited because they had never been to Central Park before. As soon as they left their house, Bob realized he had forgotten his umbrella in case it rained. Once he returned home he looked all over his house for the umbrella but he couldn’t find it. As he was heading toward the front door, he heard the phone ring. Bob became so caught up in the conversation that he lost track of time. After an hour, Bob hung up and Jane annoyingly yells, ‘Finally we can make a start!!!’

Lloyd’s 100 WC

Billy and Sarah are holding auditions for their new show, B and S! “Are you ready for this,” says Billy to Sarah. “ I sure am,” Sarah replies. “Then let’s get to it, first off we have…” Steve the guy that stays backstage comes out and says, “Ahh we have a slight problem, John is sick and can’t make it,” yells Steve. “Ok thanks,” replies Billy. “First of we have…. Bob!” “Now tell us Bob what you are going to…” Then all of a sudden the lights turn off. After they’re finally ready we can finally make a start!

Mickey’s 100 WC

I walk around the back of the dance studio and grab my bag. I slowly make my way to Studio A and be careful of my ankle. I injured my ankle about 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t healed, I don’t want to tell our dance captain as she will take my solo for regionals away from me. Everyone is in there waiting and now finally we can make a start of practicing the regional routine. It gets to my solo and I start dancing, I fall instantly to ground. I hear my friend Rebecca say, “What about regionals, Meg?”

Aiden’s 100 WC

One very hot day a poor old man named Ed wanted to be rich. He thought if he was rich he could afford to have an air conditioner to cool him off (because he is in a dessert) or he could afford to get out of the dessert and live in a grassy fresh country. But while he was walking across the dessert he found a pyramid. Once he went inside he found some junk with all these solar panels, wires and buttons. So he used all those stuff to create an electricity farm.

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