September 2014 archive

Eloise’s 100 WC

Ah, what a beautiful day. My hotel room in Avignon, France was full of light and the view was worth a million dollars. The bright sun glistened on the water which surrounds a beautiful bridge. I was standing on the balcony admiring the broken bridge when a red-legged partridge appeared on the table. It was one of the most beautiful birds I had seen. Later on, when I was on my evening stroll, I was staring across the river as the sun set with the beautiful colours of pink, blue and orange. I saw a few red-legged partridges flying peacefully.

Lloyd’s 100 WC

I caught him, the thief, I know who he is now and I am chasing after him. I hear jiggling in his backpack, I think they’re coins or money, I keep chasing him, he is tiring out, but so am I.

We keep running, I will not give up, it’s been about 15 minutes. This thief is the most wanted in France, I could be a hero, I could get a big reward, but I keep chasing him. We eventually make it to a bridge, he runs across, I follow, but I think he forgot there is only one half!

Mickey’s 100 WC

I pull up my backpack as I climb up the rocky path. When Gerald and I reach the sightseeing platform we look out at the beautiful view of the glistening blue river and the old abandoned bridge. Our travels had taken us everywhere from Italy to Germany to Austria and to France. Soon I will return back to my home country, England. I have got to say I am missing my family a lot, considering I have been gone for 5 months I just want to go back home now. I really can’t wait to see my friends and family.

Madison’s 100 WC

I was on holiday in France when I did it, I did not think of the people I loved, just of the sorrow I was in.

I wouldn’t ask for their help, so I found my resolution and stuck to what it meant without a single thought.

I jumped off the bridge that crumbled years ago, I walked the edge and jumped. I was full of sorrow and misery that everything was left behind as I fell down and lost the most treasured things I had, my family, my friends and most of all my life that still wasn’t complete.

Concert Update

Hi Guys,

I bought sue face paint yesterday that is quite good quality and should be enough for everyone. So if you have not got any yet, don’t buy some!

Hope you are all excited like me!

Miss Baker xo

Will C’s 100 WC

Me and Jimmy were playing in the park, we were exploring.  Suddenly when I looked up, I saw Jimmy sitting on the ground looking at something.

“I found a big worm,’’ he yelled.

I ran over. ‘’That’s not a worm!”

‘’Yes it is,’’ he said.

“But it is yellow,” I said. “It can’t be a worm.”

‘’Well what else could it be?’’ he replied.

“Why are we even arguing about this?” I said. “Let’s just kill it!”

I poked it with a stick and then realised this isn’t a yellow worm, this is gold. But I never told Jimmy that.


I was on my way to school. Mum was driving me in the car. When I got to school it was really quiet, so i quietly went in so the teacher doesn’t see me. But then the recess bell went so I was lucky because she didn’t notice me. I went to get my lunchbox. When I opened it there was my sandwich, my two snacks my fruit. Wait there was more. My friend noticed an orange thing in my lunchbox but it was yellow. So I went to pick it up and I sniffed it and it started to pill it was a banana.

Emma’s 100 WC

On the way to school today I was thinking I wanted a brown chicken for our farm, my house. At our farm I live with my dad John, my mum Kaylee, my brother Jim and Granny and Grandpa. Of course I live there! My name is Nicky. Later after school I told my mum and dad what I wanted. The next day they told me that they have a present for me; I asked is it a chicken? They said yes. I got so excited, but it was yellow not brown. I didn’t care that much. I still love it.

Will’s 100 WC

Hurry up. I yelled. “I’m trying ok” Billy replied.   Billy couldn’t find our science project stuff we needed which was so annoying because it is due today and we haven’t started and school starts in 10 minutes. How could you have lost it! I yelled.  I don’t know he replied all I did was put our projects stuff in my room, eat, have a shower, brush my teeth and come back and its gone. Me and Billy look around and finally we find it. But it was in the toilet great finally we can make a start. I said sarcastically.

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