September 20

Will K’s 100 WC

George was getting ready to jump off the Avignon Bridge in France. This contest was the most dangerous in the world. It was famous because the bridge didn’t go completely across the river. George knew he would be jumping last and he also knew that he would have to do a triple backward somersault to win the world’s most dangerous contest. George was called over, he went through his warm up. He got into his position, but while he was getting balanced he was pushed into the water by his main rival and he landed on the cameraman’s boat. R.I.P

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1 thoughts on “Will K’s 100 WC

  1. Mr Ball (Team 100)

    Hi Will,

    AS I read the story I became quite excited to see if George would win and then…what a great twist although he could have landed on something soft! You have used a great range of punctuation including apostrophes for contractions and possession – well done!
    Keep up the great writing! 🙂


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