September 20

Liv’s 100 WC

My family are having a holiday in France. Today we are hiking the mountains to get a view of a famous bridge. We started our hike up the hills, it was a hard walk but it was all worth it. The view on the top of the mountains was amazing, when I was up there I realised that half the bridge had broken off and sunk many years ago. The lake surrounding the bridge was dark blue like the midnight sky and there was bright sunlight gleaming over the beautiful town of Avignon. This was just how I imagined it.

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1 thoughts on “Liv’s 100 WC

  1. Helen Briscoe (Team 100WC)

    You have used the prompt really well to create a vivid description of Avignon Liv, I can just imagine being there and viewing the bridge! Well done 🙂


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