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Dec’s 100WC

Jimmy was just about to jump into the river off the pier when someone screamed, “Don’t jump it’s a magical pier, it will make you turn into a sloth! Don’t jump!” But it was too late, Jimmy had already jumped into the magical river and yes it was true he did indeed turn into a sloth. Jimmy finally got out. Although it took 10 minutes we still waited for him so we could take him home and fix him. When we got home we read books about the magical river and with a click of a finger Jimmy was back to his old self. 

Liv’s 100 WC

My family are having a holiday in France. Today we are hiking the mountains to get a view of a famous bridge. We started our hike up the hills, it was a hard walk but it was all worth it. The view on the top of the mountains was amazing, when I was up there I realised that half the bridge had broken off and sunk many years ago. The lake surrounding the bridge was dark blue like the midnight sky and there was bright sunlight gleaming over the beautiful town of Avignon. This was just how I imagined it.

Gee’s 100WC

Every insignificant pebble and grit in the road, feeling the unstable motorcycle jump. The track unwinding, as I hustle. A similar vehicle tracing my pathways, astonished by the innovations. There’s no time to ponder, how will I escape this treacherous trouble I am in? Glancing back, I notice an alleyway. Turning off, I am captivated by another modernization in this town. I scoot across to the bridge, once again, observing my surroundings. Dodging day trippers, tourists and visitors, I make it a third of the way, across the bridge. Then to notice, the bridge finishes, almost halfway through the water…

Cara’s 100WC

It’s a bright, sunny day today and my friends Georgia, Olivia, Emma, Michaela and I are going on a 2k walk and fishing for 1 hour. My friends all have smirks on their faces but I don’t know why.

We have now arrived at the pier, I can smell the scent of the salty sea and I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks with water showering everywhere. I can see the white sea gulls swooping above me in an arrow direction. Suddenly I feel two large hands against my back and I fall to a sudden black out.

Jacob C’s 100 WC

It was just an average day in France as we were driving across the river to the other side of town, when suddenly the bridge collapsed on the side we were on and are car plummeted in deeper and deeper into the sea and our car filled up with water. We managed to undo our seatbelts and then suddenly we stopped sinking because we were at the bottom of the river. We were going to die if It wasn’t for our crash two years ago. The doors broke off and we only just made it out of the water alive.

Ruby’s 100 WC

I have always wondered what happened to that bridge in the river, I don’t understand why half of it is gone. My nana always tells me stories about it, like the one that a sea monster ate half of it off or that Captain Cooks boat crashed into it, but I can never believe her. One day my mother Elena asked me if I wanted to go snorkelling down there so I said yes.  I jumped into the river and there at the bottom of the river was Captain Cook’s ship! I could not believe my eyes, Nana was right!

Aiden’s 100 WC

Since 1879 people come to see the Washington Bridge that was held in Townsville for 231 years. But the reason why it’s so popular is because it’s the heart of Townsville and the bridge symbolises peace, wisdom and strength. Legends say that if you swim under it, it’s worth 3 months of good luck! It was built by a wise man called Steven Maxwell and it was designed by a constructive man called James Washington. These people always wanted to build something people would see all over Townsville and now their wish has come true. Moral: follow your dreams.

Alex D’s 100 WC

Mum and I were looking through some photos of when I was living in France. I noticed a photo which brought back some great memories. It was of a pier and a bridge all in one. Weird but beautiful. It was my first painting that I had ever painted. It was the view from my hotel room. I used to stare at it every day. I loved it so much I decided to paint it. This painting was special to me because I won my first award that kick started my career as the well known artist I am today.

Georgia S’s 100 WC

Hi i am Megan.

My family and I have recently been travelling a lot. Right now we are in Avignon in France. Today we have been on a day trip and we are at our last stop the Avignon Bridge. We thought it would be good idea to shop around at the markets along the bridge. Until…… the bridge started to rumble, then crumble, followed by a tumble into the water! My mum and me were sucked into the water, but the paramedics managed to get us out. After a long, cold day, my family and I snuggled in with some hot chocolate.

Will K’s 100 WC

George was getting ready to jump off the Avignon Bridge in France. This contest was the most dangerous in the world. It was famous because the bridge didn’t go completely across the river. George knew he would be jumping last and he also knew that he would have to do a triple backward somersault to win the world’s most dangerous contest. George was called over, he went through his warm up. He got into his position, but while he was getting balanced he was pushed into the water by his main rival and he landed on the cameraman’s boat. R.I.P

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