Riley’s Confirmation Reflection

On the 16th of August all the children making their Confirmation at St Dominic’s parish came to a special retreat day. At the retreat day we learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the day of Pentecost and what will happen on the night of our Confirmation. We also did these little activates with the teachers, the first activity was with Miss Pound and we learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The second activity was with Mr Gorman and that activity was on the day of Pentecost, last but not least was the art activity with Miss Baker. We also went to Mass and we met Monsignor Curtin who will be confirming us on our Confirmation night.

On the retreat day I learnt a lot of things about our Catholic Church like how the parish has many different rooms throughout it. I also learnt that Father Paul gathers all the left over communion bread and puts it in one chalice and takes it to people who are sick and could not make it to Mass.

When we spoke with Monsignor Curtin he told us that he was the parish priest of St Brigid’s, Greythorn. He also told us a little story about him falling over whilst saying Mass and fracturing his skull. He mentioned that he will use our saint name on the night and he told us that in the past he has called his candidates by their saint name and their parent have stood up and said no that’s not their name.

I have learnt lots of thing about the ceremony of Confirmation some of which are, it is the 3rd sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church, we are anointed in the ceremony and I also learnt that after you have been confirmed the priest used to smack you in the face but now they shake your hand.

The sponsors are important as they are to support us. We hope that they will guide us through this important milestone in our catholic faith.

I feel prepared and ready to be confirmed. I am looking forward to coming closer to God and completing my steps into the Catholic Church.


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