Mickey’s Confirmation Reflection

What did you learn about our Catholic Church and our faith?

I learnt that our faith is very important when making Confirmation in our Catholic Church as Confirmation enables you to step further in your Christian faith.

What did you learn about Monsignor Terry Curtin?

I learnt that he was very kind and understanding, he will definitely assist us in making our Confirmation if we are nervous. He will also push us to make good choices through the Catholic Church and live a just life.

What did you learn about the Ceremony of Confirmation?

I learnt that maybe when you get Confirmed you won’t feel the Holy Spirit right away, but maybe in tough times or moments where you need a bit of help the Holy Spirit will assist you to not give up and think on the positive side of things.

How are our Sponsors an important part of our Confirmation? What expectations do we have for the Sponsor we have chosen?

Our Sponsors are an important part of our Confirmation as they have experienced the sacrament and they are a person who will always be there and assist you in life, just like the Holy Spirit! We expect them to be very understanding and caring on the night we get confirmed and do everything they have been told to. We also expect them to assist us with any problems we may have.

How do you feel about your preparation for Confirmation?

I believe we have been well prepared. I know exactly what to do on the night, exactly what my Sponsor is to do and I have certainly learnt a lot more about the Pentecost story by doing a lot of writing and drawing and doing activities in Confirmation on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons!

What are you most looking forward to about being Confirmed?

I am most looking forward to when (after confirmation) I know that the Holy Spirit is guiding me and helping me in any hard position I shall be in.

Are there any other reflections you would like to share?

I was talking to my mum about Confirmation and she said she has felt the Holy Spirit a few times for example my mum lived in Samoa for 6 months. It had been just after the tsunami and her hotel was flooded the people who ran the hotel told the guests they had to clean up as none of them had any where to stay. There was no food, no clean water and all of mum’s clothes had been washed away. Apparently she thought she would never survive but then she got up and started cleaning, she knew something was helping her to survive. Another time she said was when her Dad died. When she was saying goodbye to him she could tell that something was helping her not to have a complete breakdown. I was thinking and at first I thought ahh that’s creepy but then I started to get excited to when it will help me!


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