Gee’s Confirmation Reflection

On Friday 15th of August, all of the students about to make their Confirmation gathered at the St Dominic’s Parish for the Confirmation Retreat Day. We were split up into three separate groups to complete some activities. I really enjoyed getting the chance to work with kids from other schools to develop our learning about Confirmation and to also share with them our knowledge.

We then gathered together again, we met with our confirmer; Monsignor Terry Curtin. He spoke to us about our preparation leading to Confirmation, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, our saints we chose and a bit about the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. He gave us a detailed explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and questioned us about which gift we think our chosen saint resembles. He even told some funny stories to help explain the meaning of each gift! He really explained the journey and the sacrament well, to help assist us. On top of all of that, Terry told us what happens on the night of Confirmation and how we are confirmed.

Our sponsors are a very important part of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Why do we have a sponsor, you ask? They are there to help guide us through the sacrament and help us with our Confirmation process. They need to be respectable and helpful, to ensure we understand what we need to do at all times. On the night of Confirmation, they are expected to be mindful of the environment they are in and to give their full attention to the child they are sponsoring.

Confirmation isn’t far away, but with the Retreat Day over and having completed many of our Confirmation classes, I feel prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We have been given so much information of why we are receiving this sacrament and the meaning to each part of it. Confirmation is definitely NOT a graduation from the Catholic Church, but better a confirmed welcome into it. I am most looking forward to receiving the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit after being Confirmed.

The Retreat Day was definitely helpful, in the way of, informing us about the sacrament and more of an insight into the Gifts. I am really looking forward to being confirmed and it is great to be moving along this journey with our friends, family and teachers.

By Georgia


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