Emma’s Confirmation Reflection

Our Catholic Church and our faith will always be there for me if I’m sad or in need, and if I have faith in God and believe in him then I know he will be there for me.

On retreat day I met Monsignor Terry Curtin and he is a very educated and smart man in our Catholic Church. He taught us about the Ceremony of Confirmation. This ceremony is where you get gifted the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and confirm your faith of God and that you want to be part of God’s church and say it for yourself because when you were little and baptised your god parents had to say it for you.

My sponsor plays a very important role in my Confirmation because they help me with anything I need or any questions I have about my religious life. They also walk me down the aisle in church.

I feel very proud of my preparation for my Confirmation and I feel like I am nearly to the point where I am fully prepared.

I am really looking forward to finally being Confirmed and celebrating afterwards. Being Confirmed is a very important part of my life because I am getting closer to God with every step I take in this journey.

I really enjoyed all of the activities we did during the time of being at the retreat day and it really helped me on my way to being confirmed to the church.


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