Cara’s Confirmation Reflection

I learnt a lot from the retreat day and I am proud of what I have learnt! What I learnt about our Catholic Church and our faith is that the person that you chose for Confirmation as your sponsor has to be someone you trust and someone you can rely on.

I also learnt some things from the Monsignor Terry Curtin. This is what I learnt; I learnt that your sponsor has to be a Christian person who has received Confirmation themselves and knows slightly what to do.

I learnt that when you receive your Confirmation you will have your sponsors hand on your shoulder to guide you through it.

I learnt that sponsors are important to Confirmation and the expectations we have of them should be high because they are meant to be someone who is trustworthy and is interested in you Confirmation.

I feel a bit nervous about the preparation for Confirmation because what would happen if I don’t use these gifts that I will receive responsibly? I think I will but there is always a chance of you not.

I am looking forward to being Confirmed because I get to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Courage, Wisdom, Understanding, Reverence, Knowledge, Right Judgement and Wonder of Awe and use them wisely.


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