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Ed’s Confirmation Reflection

I learnt that faith would help me guide through my life and give me strength when I need, and the church is the place I can visit that will give me faith and peace. The ceremony of Confirmation is going to be lead by Monsignor Terry Curtin who is the Head of the Department of Systematic Theology, as well as a priest.

Your sponsor will be there when your confirmed with their hand will be on your shoulder.  Your sponsor is important for Confirmation because they will be there when you are confirmed and they will watch over you. I feel excited about getting confirmed because I think I will came out a different person. I am looking forward to coming out of the church and feeling different knowing that I have a gifts of the Holy Spirit with me.


Will’s Confirmation Reflection

In our Catholic church on retreat day, I leaned that Confirmation is the third sacrament of initiation. I also learned that you are a full member of church.

Monsignor Terry Curtin was a very good man, he told us some funny stories of Confirmation with the sponsors, he also told about all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and new practically all of the saints, we had chosen. The thing I learned from him was that you have to choose a really good sponsor.

I think sponsors are important to Confirmation because they are like your helper, you ask them questions and talk to them about what your worried about or what you need help with. My sponsor is Manning Mitchell.

I feel confident in my preparation at Confirmation because it’s kind of like Communion. I’m most looking forward to being a full member of the Catholic Church when I’m confirmed.



Riley’s Confirmation Reflection

On the 16th of August all the children making their Confirmation at St Dominic’s parish came to a special retreat day. At the retreat day we learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the day of Pentecost and what will happen on the night of our Confirmation. We also did these little activates with the teachers, the first activity was with Miss Pound and we learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The second activity was with Mr Gorman and that activity was on the day of Pentecost, last but not least was the art activity with Miss Baker. We also went to Mass and we met Monsignor Curtin who will be confirming us on our Confirmation night.

On the retreat day I learnt a lot of things about our Catholic Church like how the parish has many different rooms throughout it. I also learnt that Father Paul gathers all the left over communion bread and puts it in one chalice and takes it to people who are sick and could not make it to Mass.

When we spoke with Monsignor Curtin he told us that he was the parish priest of St Brigid’s, Greythorn. He also told us a little story about him falling over whilst saying Mass and fracturing his skull. He mentioned that he will use our saint name on the night and he told us that in the past he has called his candidates by their saint name and their parent have stood up and said no that’s not their name.

I have learnt lots of thing about the ceremony of Confirmation some of which are, it is the 3rd sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church, we are anointed in the ceremony and I also learnt that after you have been confirmed the priest used to smack you in the face but now they shake your hand.

The sponsors are important as they are to support us. We hope that they will guide us through this important milestone in our catholic faith.

I feel prepared and ready to be confirmed. I am looking forward to coming closer to God and completing my steps into the Catholic Church.


Emma’s Confirmation Reflection

Our Catholic Church and our faith will always be there for me if I’m sad or in need, and if I have faith in God and believe in him then I know he will be there for me.

On retreat day I met Monsignor Terry Curtin and he is a very educated and smart man in our Catholic Church. He taught us about the Ceremony of Confirmation. This ceremony is where you get gifted the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and confirm your faith of God and that you want to be part of God’s church and say it for yourself because when you were little and baptised your god parents had to say it for you.

My sponsor plays a very important role in my Confirmation because they help me with anything I need or any questions I have about my religious life. They also walk me down the aisle in church.

I feel very proud of my preparation for my Confirmation and I feel like I am nearly to the point where I am fully prepared.

I am really looking forward to finally being Confirmed and celebrating afterwards. Being Confirmed is a very important part of my life because I am getting closer to God with every step I take in this journey.

I really enjoyed all of the activities we did during the time of being at the retreat day and it really helped me on my way to being confirmed to the church.


Lloyd’s Confirmation Reflection

The retreat day was really fun; the good thing was that there were different people from other schools not just from St Dominic’s. I think I am preparing well for Confirmation and I am not worried or nervous about anything.

For my sponsor I chose my auntie who is in Sydney at the moment, I think she is important because she is Catholic and she knows what’s best for me. I am expecting her to actually do something and actually care about what I’m doing. When I read her letter I knew that she cares about me.

The monsignor came in to talk to us, I learnt that he is very experienced, speaks well and he is a Geelong supporter.

The thing I am looking forward to when I get confirmed is that I will able to move on while feeling stronger.


Mickey’s Confirmation Reflection

What did you learn about our Catholic Church and our faith?

I learnt that our faith is very important when making Confirmation in our Catholic Church as Confirmation enables you to step further in your Christian faith.

What did you learn about Monsignor Terry Curtin?

I learnt that he was very kind and understanding, he will definitely assist us in making our Confirmation if we are nervous. He will also push us to make good choices through the Catholic Church and live a just life.

What did you learn about the Ceremony of Confirmation?

I learnt that maybe when you get Confirmed you won’t feel the Holy Spirit right away, but maybe in tough times or moments where you need a bit of help the Holy Spirit will assist you to not give up and think on the positive side of things.

How are our Sponsors an important part of our Confirmation? What expectations do we have for the Sponsor we have chosen?

Our Sponsors are an important part of our Confirmation as they have experienced the sacrament and they are a person who will always be there and assist you in life, just like the Holy Spirit! We expect them to be very understanding and caring on the night we get confirmed and do everything they have been told to. We also expect them to assist us with any problems we may have.

How do you feel about your preparation for Confirmation?

I believe we have been well prepared. I know exactly what to do on the night, exactly what my Sponsor is to do and I have certainly learnt a lot more about the Pentecost story by doing a lot of writing and drawing and doing activities in Confirmation on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons!

What are you most looking forward to about being Confirmed?

I am most looking forward to when (after confirmation) I know that the Holy Spirit is guiding me and helping me in any hard position I shall be in.

Are there any other reflections you would like to share?

I was talking to my mum about Confirmation and she said she has felt the Holy Spirit a few times for example my mum lived in Samoa for 6 months. It had been just after the tsunami and her hotel was flooded the people who ran the hotel told the guests they had to clean up as none of them had any where to stay. There was no food, no clean water and all of mum’s clothes had been washed away. Apparently she thought she would never survive but then she got up and started cleaning, she knew something was helping her to survive. Another time she said was when her Dad died. When she was saying goodbye to him she could tell that something was helping her not to have a complete breakdown. I was thinking and at first I thought ahh that’s creepy but then I started to get excited to when it will help me!


Cara’s Confirmation Reflection

I learnt a lot from the retreat day and I am proud of what I have learnt! What I learnt about our Catholic Church and our faith is that the person that you chose for Confirmation as your sponsor has to be someone you trust and someone you can rely on.

I also learnt some things from the Monsignor Terry Curtin. This is what I learnt; I learnt that your sponsor has to be a Christian person who has received Confirmation themselves and knows slightly what to do.

I learnt that when you receive your Confirmation you will have your sponsors hand on your shoulder to guide you through it.

I learnt that sponsors are important to Confirmation and the expectations we have of them should be high because they are meant to be someone who is trustworthy and is interested in you Confirmation.

I feel a bit nervous about the preparation for Confirmation because what would happen if I don’t use these gifts that I will receive responsibly? I think I will but there is always a chance of you not.

I am looking forward to being Confirmed because I get to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Courage, Wisdom, Understanding, Reverence, Knowledge, Right Judgement and Wonder of Awe and use them wisely.


Gee’s Confirmation Reflection

On Friday 15th of August, all of the students about to make their Confirmation gathered at the St Dominic’s Parish for the Confirmation Retreat Day. We were split up into three separate groups to complete some activities. I really enjoyed getting the chance to work with kids from other schools to develop our learning about Confirmation and to also share with them our knowledge.

We then gathered together again, we met with our confirmer; Monsignor Terry Curtin. He spoke to us about our preparation leading to Confirmation, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, our saints we chose and a bit about the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. He gave us a detailed explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and questioned us about which gift we think our chosen saint resembles. He even told some funny stories to help explain the meaning of each gift! He really explained the journey and the sacrament well, to help assist us. On top of all of that, Terry told us what happens on the night of Confirmation and how we are confirmed.

Our sponsors are a very important part of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Why do we have a sponsor, you ask? They are there to help guide us through the sacrament and help us with our Confirmation process. They need to be respectable and helpful, to ensure we understand what we need to do at all times. On the night of Confirmation, they are expected to be mindful of the environment they are in and to give their full attention to the child they are sponsoring.

Confirmation isn’t far away, but with the Retreat Day over and having completed many of our Confirmation classes, I feel prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We have been given so much information of why we are receiving this sacrament and the meaning to each part of it. Confirmation is definitely NOT a graduation from the Catholic Church, but better a confirmed welcome into it. I am most looking forward to receiving the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit after being Confirmed.

The Retreat Day was definitely helpful, in the way of, informing us about the sacrament and more of an insight into the Gifts. I am really looking forward to being confirmed and it is great to be moving along this journey with our friends, family and teachers.

By Georgia