July 2014 archive

Cara’s 100 WC

“But I’m afraid, it’s the last one”, he said. Sam and I are on a mission to save all the books in the world before the Nazis burn them all up. We have walked such a long way and escaped from the death camps but saving the last book in the world is even a bigger responsibility. I am scared, what if I get caught by a Nazi soldier? I remember what Freddy my Dad would say; never stop believing in yourself. I run even faster to get away, I’m still not safe, I run into a Soldier, I’m doomed!

Madison’s Haiku Poems

Blue Bird

Bright blooms around

I can hear beautiful sound

Little Blue Bird!


New green leaves

Dressing the trees so well

Hiding new things!

Silver Nights

Shining nights so light

Silver stars so bright

What a nice night!

Lloyd’s Haiku Poems


Out in the desert

Lived a Camel and its humps

Trotting on the sand


High in the treetops

There was a cheeky Monkey

Swinging in the trees


Deep beneath the sea

There was a huge vicious shark

Swimming quietly



Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we will be starting a new Term and I’m sure you all can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! 🙂

On a serious note, you MUST all bring in a book to read tomorrow morning as has been the expectation all year. If you do not do so, you will be out of the Homework Club!

See you all bright and early in the morning!

Miss B xo

100 Word Challenge

Hi Holiday Layabouts,

Here is this week’s 100 WC prompt, if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day! Who knows, there might be a reward for those who complete this when we get back to school!

…but ‘I’m afraid it’s the last one’, he said…

Hope you are having a great break,

Miss Baker xo

Gee’s 100 WC

The quiet rustles of many bushes, interrupts my sleep. The surroundings catch my eye, as the uneven surface beneath me, scratch my arm. Trees? Bushes? How did I end up in some isolated forest? I notice a log to rest on, so I waddle over the leafy path, to reach the wood. After a few minutes, I decide to go for a little walk. The forest seemed alive as I scamper through the messy track, clearing leaves as I stroll. Stumbling over twigs, the lengthy pathway is leading to nowhere. As I begin to head back, the environments are familiar…

If you are bored over the break…..

Hi everyone,

I am sure you are all enjoying your holidays! For those of you who are looking for something to do, here is this week’s 100 WC prompt. Happy to enter it for anyone keen to complete it, just email me your entry….

…the forest seemed alive as…

See you in two weeks!

Miss Baker