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Ruby’s 100 WC

Smack! “Quick” said Bob. “Something’s fallen down here” said Greg, as they quickly hurried to the large thing. “What is it?” asked Fred The large thing was hard and brown and inside it was sticky.“I think its food” said Greg. They started touching it when Bob started to climb it, he was at the top when he tried to climb down but his feet where stuck! They pulled and pulled him but he was really stuck .They thought that if they got some water it would melt the sticky stuff away and it did, so they cut it up and had a great meal that night.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Can everyone please update your Premier’s Reading Challenge. Many of you have not signed on at all and I know that all of you have been reading. Remember you can include the class novel and your Literature Circles book which you should have all finished this weekend!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Baker

Declan’s 100 WC

It was 9:30pm. I was running with my friend in the black night sky. It was so cold that I saw a rabbit curling up with a fox just to stay warm! Then I saw a black gateway and a path leading up to a big tower, so we kept on running towards it. The next thing we knew, we were at the front door ringing the bell. The door opened mysteriously, we went in and then saw a big chandelier and hanging from it was a…….. Vampire! So we ran back all the way home in about 5 mille seconds.

Alex’s 100 WC

It was cold black night. I was walking with my friend in the bushes to get away from my family. It all began 2 hours ago. I wanted to go see my dad because he was in hospital because he slipped and broke his neck and back, but mum wouldn’t let me. I got so angry that I ran way and went to go see him. So I went to the hospital and saw him. Then I left and caught up with my friend Georgia and now here we are right now running away from a drop bear.

Will K’s 100 WC

I was running with my friend when I saw a black, speeding Enzo Ferrari being chased by the police. My friend said, “Let’s run after it!” So we sprinted after it when it went down a road with a dead end! We said, “Stop, stop, stop!” to the driver but it was no use. The police car and the black Enzo Ferrari both crashed into the black gateway of a house. My friend and I both went to help them but they were both knocked out cold. We called an ambulance but it was too late, they had both died.

Olivia’s 100 WC

It was a black and cold night and my friend Lucy and I were running towards Gateway Rd. We were following a mysterious man who had a black bag with what looked like a human in it. The other day Lucy’s little sister Tasha had disappeared. They followed the man down the narrow lane until he suddenly stopped, dropped the bag and ran off. The two girls horrified, unzipped the bag and out popped Tasha crying. They all ran home without saying a word and put Tasha by the warm fire and she explained that she had been kidnapped.

Madison’s 100 WC

The gateway loomed above me in a tumble of steel thorns. The old mansion was black against the stormy grey sky. Jane had gone in there, there were the stories of vampires and tragic deaths of young girls had occurred. Jane is my friend, she won’t be taken if I stand in between death and her. I take a deep breath and open the gate. The dark palace feels familiar to me and like home. The ancient door creaked as I opened it. Inside a boy stood. He turned running. Cold skinned, I followed.

Public Speaking Finalists

Congratulations to these people who have made it through to the Semi-Finals of our Public Speaking Competition;









You all have improved so much and it was a close call with many of you just missing out due to timing or eye contact!

Public Speaking Finals Topic

Good luck finalists, here are your new topics…..

1. School should be a place where….

2. The minute I opened the door I knew…

3. What it means to be an Australian in 2014

4. You don’t have to look overseas to find poverty

This round will be held on the 13th of June (Friday Week 8) .

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