June 2014 archive

Olivia’s 100 WC

I was lying in bed, then suddenly I woke up and remembered that the new creamy chocolate egg came out today. I heard children down the street heading towards the lolly shop. I got up and ran to Izzy and Grace in the line, begging for their egg. We got our eggs, sat at a nearby bench and I unwrapped my egg, then out popped some mini men. They cleaned up the cream that had spilt from my egg and then came and sat next to me and I ate it. It was great, by then the men had disappeared.

Madison’s 100 WC

It was Sunday and Clara was singing and dancing in her room when out of no where a swan’s call came on the air. Louder than a million lions roaring together! Then the sky went black. It was a gigantic black bird covering the sky! Clara ran outside to see it. The HUUUGE black feathered beast got lower, lower, lower, until it sat right in the middle of the road. Clara was amazed by it beauty and size. It called and laid an egg. The egg was cracked and workmen cleaned up. Clara never saw the black feathered bird again.

Georgia S’s 100 WC

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

 and was minding his own business when… BANG!

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

and cracked his head off!!

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men

were running everywhere trying to contain the bloodbath.  One was looking for Humpty’s head whilst others stopped the toxic poison spreading. Another of the Kings men stepped into the gooey coloured poison looking for sign of life however the injuries were too great.  They

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

The men then put their efforts into making the site safe; not knowing it was just a cream egg!

Eloise’s 100 WC

“Aaaaahhhhhh” screamed the locals as a storm of EXTREMELY large Easter eggs approached the town of ‘Sunbrail.’ Everyone ran for shelter but local tradesman took a look at the mysterious eggs. Peppermint and Strawberry were what most eggs were filled with but one stood out to them, a cream caramel type of egg. The workers nibbled on this egg one by one. They spread the word that everyone could eat and enjoy themselves again. Soon, everyone was nibbling on pieces of the eggs. This day made headlines across the world and the tradesman knew this was a day to remember.

Alex D’s 100 WC

I forgot, my project is due tomorrow and I started a little bit. It is about three builders trying to find out what egg yolk is and what it is like, however they haven’t found it yet. I ate an egg and I try to find out what it looks like and what egg yolk is. I see egg yolk is an orange thing which tastes delicious and an egg is an oval shape and it is skin colour. I set it up and get it all ready. I hand it up and my teacher gave me B+!

Will K’s 100 WC

Smash! A big chocolate egg smashed into the ground and part of it opened, inside was a human lying on his back with his hands and feet in the air! Safety crews put bright red cones around the egg and the insides of the egg. An ambulance crew member was trying to wake the human up.  When all of a sudden a thousand more eggs fell on to everyone, they were all groaning and moaning.

Francis woke up, sweating all over, it was just a dream! He went to school the  next day to tell his friends about his very, very odd dream.

JT’s 100 WC

One hot night Billy was trying to sleep. While Billy was trying to sleep he was listening to this noise. It seemed to be getting louder by the second. All of a sudden, the sound got louder and he heard a big bang! Billy jumped out of bed and looked out the window. He saw a massive hole in the ground! He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a giant meteorite! The meteorite was cracked in half and goo was coming out of it! There were three men already at the scene taking care of this incident. One of them climbed on top of the meteorite only to begin sinking inside the goo..

Mickey’s 100 WC

“Ok boys, time to fix this problem. Jared the giant has dropped his beloved chocolate. We have to fix this or he will get angry.” I shouted to all my work mates. We set some orange cones around the situation and began scooping the chocolate off the floor. “He said he will be back at five, so be better get cracking!” Aaron said.

“What’s the time now?” Ted asked

“Ummmm 4:59” Rob replied with an anxious face. We could hear loud and heavy footsteps coming toward the door. We ran as fast as our little legs could take us. Oh no!

Georgie’s 100 WC

BANG, BANG, BANG they were on a construction site to fix up buildings. Pete and his men were going to fix up and prepare a new office building. Then suddenly out of the blue, the chain of the big bolder went CRASH and smashed right in front of them. They did not know how it fell but they definitely wanted to see what was inside it. So they got Mark to jump on the bolder so it would crack open. Then Mark fell into the bolder and everyone was watching. They put orange markers to stop people from touching it.

Brooke’s 100 WC

One day after school Xavier went to the milk bar and brought a chocolate. When he got home he opened the chocolate and had a big bite of it, but then his mother called him and Xavier said “What do you need”? And his mum said “You need to put to your jacket away”. “Ok mum” said Xavier and took the jacket upstairs and finish his chocolate. When Xavier was about to have another bite, he noticed that there was a working man inside it.  So Xavier pulled out the working man and ate the rest of the chocolate. “It was yum”!

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