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Gee’s 100 WC

The sounds of beeping cars woke me up, as the rag flew off me. I being to shiver when a frazzled face stood over me. Familiarising, the face began to smile; Steve, my big brother. He reminds me why I was sleeping on the side of the road, when my brain clicks and realize it is New Year’s Day. We had no money, therefore stuck in this foreign town. Our money was wasted on celebratory items for New Year’s but that’s what happens in Brazil when you buy illegal fireworks. Now, I really wish we could get back to Australia.

Mickey’s 100 WC

Our class marched around the running track in our Brazilian clothes, we were nowhere near proper Brazilian’s, but that’s what happens in Brazil when an average Australian class pretends to live in South America! We had people dressed in the Brazilian flag colours, and people who dressed in traditional South American outfits. We even had people who dressed up as blue birds from the movie Rio based in Brazil. The day was great, we even learnt a bit of Portuguese as that is the official language Brazilian’s speak. Our class was so good we even got rewarded best dressed class!

Tom’s 100 WC

Neymar to Luiz, then to Neymar again, who then finds a gap in the Netherland’s defence. Passes Robben and then the captain Van Persie, makes it into the box and shoots and scores! Now all of Brazil is in celebration, all across the country there is happiness, amazing!

Starting back in the middle with the Netherland’s and Holland is in strife. Persie to Robben but it is intercepted by Neymar, could we have another? Makes his way past everyone then a shot from outside the box and goal!

This is historical but that’s what happens in Brazil when you play in the World Cup!

Jacob C’s 100 WC

Brazil, right now it‘s the home of the World Cup, but why, they have got so much poverty, there are many homeless and poor people in Brazil and yet they spend money on soccer act like they’re rich but that’s what happens in Brazil, poverty.

Think about it, if they raised pay rates and opened more job opportunities with the money they have spent on the cup.

It’s almost annoying, so many poor and homeless people could have been helped and the stupid thing is that they spend all the money on the cup and the poor people can’t watch.

Ed’s 100 WC

The World Cup has arrived in Brazil and all the teams have arrived. The social media has announced that the Netherlands are the favourites, many teams thought different but that is what happens in Brazil when a team beats Spain 5 to 1. According to the social media, Australia has one of the worst line ups for the World Cup this year.  With the first game over and done with Neymare Jr led Brazil to their first win in the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Can Australia win against the Netherlands? This is going to be an amazing Fifa World Cup.

Lloyd’s 100 WC

The World Cup has just started, many countries around the world fly to Brazil after 4 years of waiting to watch the most popular game in the world. The teams are put into groups, everyone’s excited, many supporters come from different parts of the world to watch, tough and exciting, but that’s what happens in Brazil when the World Cup is on. We have had some exciting games like Italy vs England and Ivory Coast vs Japan, every country has played a game nearly as we wonder which country is good enough to win the World Cup in 2014 Brazil.

Public Speaking Grand Final

Congratulations to RUBY, MICKEY, RILEY and WILL.C who all made it through to the Public Speaking Grand Final!

Well done to all the other finalists for also making great speeches today. I am so proud of you all…

The Grand Final will be held on the last Wednesday of Term 2.

This round you have the chance to write a speech based on a topic you are passionate about. It MUST be persuasive and have research in it to back up your arguments.

Before you start writing, you MUST run your topic by me for approval. Remember your audience is from Year 3 to adults, so it needs to be appropriate for this age range! Good luck!

Lloyd’s 100 WC

The new and improved Cement Pourer! Its an egg, its way easier to use and so much comes out so quickly! Even Bob and Frank the builders use it,

“Its great, it just makes our job way easier and quicker, genius idea” explains Bob.

“Yeah what Bob said, Its great” agreed Frank.

So get it now from your local Huge Truck Factory and if you get there quick you might get another one free, not that you will need another on! Call 1800 1800 1800 1800, only $23,554 from your local Truck Factory.

“Thanks Bob and Frank, good job,” exclaimed the TV producer.


Gee’s 100 WC

As I refocus my eyes, the gooey surface I have fallen asleep on, sinks between my toes.  My two friends are still fast asleep beside me, but I continue to get up anyway. An appealing smell distracts me, as I look up to find a chocolaty roof. I kick open the walls of this sculpture, but instead just startle the others by making a loud racket. Another kick breaks open the walls, to find a jaw-dropped crowd. I am wondering why they have crowed around me, as chunks of chocolate and filling cream drips off me. I am left wondering…

Emma’s 100 WC

One day a boy called Jimmy had to make a very small art creation for a project at school. He chose to make something out of food. He got a creme egg and broke half off, he poured some of the creme out and shaved some chocolate over the top. He realised this creation would look way better if he made it into some sort of scene. So, he made it into a construction site and put some little plastic men around the outside with some fake small construction site cones. Jimmy showed his teacher and got a A+.

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