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Book Recommendations

Our students have just finished their first round of Literature Circles and have written books reviews on some of the books they enjoyed most. If you are looking for a new book to read on the holidays or even next term, read some of these reviews written by your peers for some ideas…..

Title Noodle Pie

By Ruth Starke

Review by Declan

 Noodle Pie is set in the Year 2000, in Vietnam. It is a fun filled book with lots of funny jokes and pranks. Andy`s family have a restaurant, which Andy and his father try to make more money for. Ruth Starke is a great author, now with a great book.

Andy and his father are very nice characters who are generous because they help their family by changing their restaurants name, tables and food so there is more room and food with a name that suits the tourists, `Noodle Pie`.

Andy is my favourite character who is kind, caring, funny and full of excitement. Andy really twists up the book a lot as Andy finds a new name because of the way he eats noodles.

There is also another main character called Minh who is the youngest child and does some pretty weird things in Noodle Pie. Minh is a great character who uses the quote a lot, “Aaahhhh chicken feet a traditional snack here in Bai hoi`” as they eat it all the time. If you would like to have more fun with Noodle Pie I suggest reading it.

In my opinion I think that Noodle Pie is a great and funny book. So if you are looking for a laugh and wanting to read an exciting book, I would defiantly recommend Noodle Pie.


The Butterfly Lion

By Michael Morpurgo

Reviewed by Cara 

 The Butterfly Lion is a book of friendship and love set in the long, hot days of Africa.

Bertie is a young 10 year old boy who raises a white lion cub from the African veld. When he gets older he goes to a boarding school in England and the white lion cub is sold to a Frenchman who runs a circus. But Bertie promises that his friendship will never be forgotten. After boarding school Bertie goes to war and gets an injury on his left leg from a bullet, but still goes back for two men but only succeeds saving one. With this act he wins the Victorian Cross for his bravery. Later in the book he goes looking for his beloved white lion but does he ever find him? To know the real end you will have to read the book and find out!

Bertie is a very lovable character who is very determined and passionate for what he believes in. He is my favourite character because of the way he talks and acts. Bertie shows his emotions especially when the white lion cub is sold to the Frenchman, he continues to say no even if it doesn’t work.

Millie the grandma, Bertie’s wife also has a very unusual way of speaking but she speaks in grace. One of Millie’s quotes was, ‘the smell of scones wafted through the air.’ Millie makes this story very amusing.

I love The Butterfly Lion, it would be one of my favourite books. So if you like a book with a happy ending pick up this book and start reading!


Dead Man’s Cove

By Lauren St John

Review by Olivia

 Dead Man’s Cove is a mysterious novel written by Lauren St John. The book is set in Cornwall where a man named Calvin Redfern lives. Laura is an orphan but then she moves to live with her Uncle Calvin Redfern and is in for the adventure she never expected.

When Laura arrives in Cornwall she meets her new best friend Tariq and they have great fun going for walks and going to the beach with Laura’s new dog Skye. But Tariq’s parents treat him like a slave so they don’t get to spend much time together after all. Laura is always watching her Uncle go for midnight walks towards Dead Man’s Cove where no one ever goes. Then one night Laura follows her Uncle and finds out a lot of information about him. Then Tariq turns back on Laura and she becomes very lonely, but then suddenly one day when she was walking to school Laura finds a bottle with a note inside it. She opened the note and it said in big bold letters “CAN I TRUST YOU?” For the next few days Laura kept getting letters and ends up finding out that it was Tariq who was giving her notes because he had been kidnapped. This is just a little bit about the book so if you would like to find out more you will have to read the book yourself.

Laura is my favourite character in the book because she is always investigating her Uncle which makes the book even more interesting. I also love it when Laura’s neighbour Mrs Crabtree says,  “ All I know is that he arrived here in the dead of the night nearly a year ago,” about Laura’s Uncle which makes Laura even more interested.

Another character in Dead Man’s Cove is Calvin Redfern who is Laura’s Uncle. He is always going on midnight walks by himself towards Dead Man’s Cove where no one ever goes. He is a very mysterious man and hides a lot of secrets from Laura.

I am a very big fan of mysterious and scary books and Dead Man’s Cove is full of that. When I was reading the book I could never put it down because every sentence caught my attention and new mysteries to solve. Dead Man’s Cove is one of the best books I have ever read and I will definitely recommend it to all my friends. So if you love these sort of books you better read the book today.

The Garden of Empress Cassia

By Gabrielle Wang

Review by Michaela

The Garden of Empress Cassia by Gabrielle Wang is a different but exciting book. It made me want more every time I picked up the book. The mystery of the story made it very engaging!

Mimi is a very talented Chinese Australian girl who lives in a small town in Australia. Drawing is her passion but her Dad thinks she should focus more on her school work. Miss O’Dell (Mimi’s art teacher) is the one Mimi trusts the most.

Mimi has lots of trouble making friends. She is a nice, beautiful girl but people were not accepting of her looks and culture, even her smell. Gemma is one of those people that picks on every little thing Mimi does. “YUCK! She is eating flied rice!” Gemma would say to Mimi. Gemma is apparently popular. Then there is Josh who likes everyone. He is a very good friend to Mimi but this makes Gemma jealous. This part of the book is very easy to connect with for tweens.

Mimi continues to draw and her Dad continues to tell her off. Mimi then receives a box of beautiful pastels from Miss O’Dell. “No one is to use the pastels but you. Look at me in the eye, Mimi, and promise me now.” Mimi promised Miss O’Dell.

With the pastels Mimi drew an amazing garden and wrote some words of wisdom too. When the people read the words they entered the magical garden and overcame all their fears.

Mimi had promised Miss O’Dell that only she would use the pastels but this would be broken very soon. Mimi was getting so much publicity on her beautiful garden that Gemma got jealous. She stole the pastels and raced to Ghost Gum Park to draw the garden. She drew the garden but this time the words of wisdom were evil and when she read them Gemma slowly started to enter the evil garden Mimi just caught her in time.

The garden of Empress Cassia is an exciting and relatable book. With new twists and turns around every corner you will be sure to never put the book down. It is one of the best books I have ever read and I definitely recommend it to people who love this type of amazing story.


Boy Overboard

By Morris Gleitzman

Review by Georgia 

 Set in Afghanistan, Boy Overboard is an exciting adventure story written by Morris Gleitzman. The book is a thrilling adventure about Jamal and Bibi. They have one dream; to be soccer stars and lead Australia in the next world cup. But first, they must face all of the troubles in their journey to try and get to Australia.

Jamal is an eleven year old child, destined to play soccer. With his sister, Bibi, he is planning to get to Australia to play soccer together. Even though she is nine years old, Bibi has a feisty personality which can sometimes get her in trouble.

The book begins with, yep, you guessed it; Soccer. A thrilling soccer game between Jamal and his friends doesn’t end well. An eager Bibi comes out to join their game, however, girls are unable to leave the house without a parent and must be covered.

Meanwhile, her mother was running a secret school that the government didn’t know about. With their dad as a taxi driver, it is easier to transfer the children to school. However, when the government finds out about their secret school, their house is blown up. “It’s the school,” Mum said quietly. “The government has found out about the school.” As they have nowhere to live, they make plans to go to Australia.

Travelling around, jumping on hot stuffy buses and trying to survive the treacherous refugee camp, Jamal and his family make it onto a boat. The only thing is; Jamal and Bibi are not on the same boat as their parents. Although, they meet two new friends; Rashida and Omar, who they developed a great friendship with. Will they survive the boat trip and met their parents, if they get to Australia?

Loving and caring would be the best two words to describe Rashida. Although, Omar comes across as quite an annoying person. Each of them all had unique personalities but they all came together as best friends while on the boat.

Boy Overboard is a great read for someone looking for an exciting adventure. The story of Jamal and Bibi and their journey over the seas, sure gave me tingles as to what happens next; so I would definitely recommend this book. Wanting to find out about whether Jamal and Bibi make it to Australia and ever meet up with their parents? Well go and read Boy Overboard now, I’m sure you will enjoy it.


By Morris Gleitzman

Reviewed by Will

Once by Morris Gleitzman is an adventures book set during World War 2. The story is told from Felix’s point of view. Felix lives in an orphanage. One day Felix gets a full carrot in his soup, not a cut up one; he thinks that this is a sign of his parents coming back. The next day he waits and waits but they don’t come, so he escapes the orphanage to find his parents. He passes abandoned towns and goes across a lake that has blood in it.

He was running at one point and he saw a family of three lying down with dead chickens around them. The parents were dead but the little girl was still alive with a big bump on her head. Felix picked her up and ran off to find someplace to lie her down. He kept asking her what her name was but she didn’t reply, then she started saying, “I want my Mummy and Daddy. Felix found a good place. When they sat down the little girl said that her name was Zelda. Felix told his name as well. Then they lied down and went to sleep.

 In the morning when they woke up they could see people walking down a path. Felix went over to have a look and when he came there was a Nazi with a machine gun pointing at Zelda. Felix said to let her go and he told them that they have to walk where everyone else was walking.

A few days past and Felix and Zelda were still in the same spot. Then a man named Barney came up to Felix and Zelda and said to follow him. They followed him to this stone house and went inside. There were about seven other kids inside. “You will be safe in here,” said Barney. A day later Zelda gets sick and Barney says that he can’t go out to get medicine, so Felix volunteers to go but it was a bad time because when he is in a room in a building he hears the Nazis coming. You have to read the rest to find out what happens.

The main charters in this book are Felix, Zelda and Barney. My favourite character was Felix because he was always looking on the good side of things and never gave up.

 I would recommend this book to all my friends and people that like adventure books with scary parts in them. So if you like what you read, go to your local book store and go get Once now!


The Children of the King

By Sonya Hartnett

Reviewed by Georgia 

 The Children of the King is a historical fiction that was set in England at the start of World War II. Written by Sonya Hartnett this book made me feel as if I was there in the early 1940’s.

Two children, Cecily and Jeremy have been sent to live with their Uncle Peregrine in the country, safe from the war, along with a young evacuee named May. But when Cecily and May find two mysterious boys hiding out in a nearby castle ruin, and Jeremy runs away to London to help in the war effort, the past, present and future come together to make an extraordinary adventure.

Cecily is my least favorite character in the book because she is very rude, especially to May always accusing her of things, like when she says, “It’s all your fault that Jeremy ran away.” But Cecily does make the book interesting.

May is my favorite character in the book because she is polite and gentle and also very kind. Sonya Hartnett gives a great description of May in the book. “The breeze reddened May’s white cheeks, and whitened her red lips. Her black hair shone blue, her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires.”

I was never a huge fan of war books but The Children of the King made me love war books. I would recommend this to all my friends and this book is good for both children and adults. So if you want to experience an extraordinary adventure, then read The Children of the King.



Smithy’s 100 WC

Scrubbing floors, dusting windows all that work had paid off,

  Because I can now afford tickets to Australia! To see Australia

  And Brazil Compete against each other in the world cup. So I

  Got ready and went to the airport the next day. I am here now

  Watching the world cup Australia is being thrashed by Brazil

  I started to get worried it was now the third quarter and the

  Score was 101 to 67 we were 67, but then Australia made a

 Miracle come back The Brazil team started to get angry!!

 But that’s what happens in Brazil when they get their butts

 Kicked by Australia.

Jacob C’s 100 WC

“Hello, this is channel 19 news with Freddy Fred. Now our first headline comes from figurine land, let’s go over to Mary.”

“Thanks Freddy, now what seems to be a dreaded chocolate egg has landed broken in figurine land, now we’re not sure but we might have a dreaded human baby evasion.”

“Thanks for that info Mary, I see we have got some builders from around the area, I their high visibility vest have come to see.”

“Yes Freddy, those men have come from a near building site back to you.”

“Thanks, and that’s our first headline.”

Will C’s 100 WC

I was running to the shop to get one of my favourite chocolates, it was creamy and nice. When I went to the shop I bought 6 of them and then ran home. When I got home I ate the chocolates one by one. Finally I had the last one left. I unwrap it and started eating. I was waiting for mum when suddenly I saw a chocolate on the top shelf. It suddenly fell of and hit the floor smashing. Then these tiny men came out of the draw and started putting it back together. It was really cool.

Aiden’s 100 WC

One day Jimmy, Timmy and Billy were fixing the drain in the middle of a freeway which means Timmy always nearly gets hit by cars. It was Easter today but their boss says they aren’t allowed to eat any chocolate which is horrible. “This is the worst way to spend Easter!”Jimmy cried “Really? This is the best Easter ever!” said Billy “WHAT!?!?!” Timmy and Jimmy yelled. “Durr… I LOVE wasting my time!”  answered Billy. “Really?” said Timmy in confusion. “Look! At that! *SMASH!*…  oh no! The drain is blocked…” Jimmy shouted. “By an Easter egg! YAY!” they yelled in happiness.

Riley’s 100 WC

“Grandpa tell me a story.” I ask.

“Ok here you go, my team and I are researches but not your average researchers. We find things that no one has ever seen before. One time we got a call from a police station in Adelaide saying they found some type of huge egg that must have fallen from the sky, and they wanted us to examine it. So the researches and I, we travelled to Adelaide. The egg was huge with a gooey inside, as we looked closer it turned out to be a chocolate egg and everyone in the town got to have some.”

Declan’s 100 WC

“So Jimmy, I can’t wait to start on mining out that massive, fat chocolate egg filled with juicy caramel, it looks so good doesn’t it?”

“When we mine all that caramel and chocolate out, our chocolate and caramel storage’s will be over flowing and we will be rich and famous!”

(THUMP THUMP THUMP) “Its hatched!” someone screams out from far away. So Jimmy and I sprint over to get our tools, then sprint to the egg. When we get there, the egg looks much, much, MUCH bigger than before!

Jimmy says, “I’m going to take a coffee break, ok?”

Alex V’s 100 WC

Deep, dark inside this big, delicious chocolate egg, filled with creme, there
are three solider men stuck  in there, what do we do?

"Wait, wait! Hi my name is Bobby, i'm Fred and i'm Tony and these are my three cones who keep me company.'' 

"Hold up, hold up, we are moving someone bought us, I am so

"OMG, somebody unwrapped the wrapper, the egg is cracking! Hold on
everybody, grab the cones! Bobby we are going down!" 

Once the creme oozed it's self out, the solider man came out with cones and got thrown in the bin and never saw each other again!

Petra’s 100 WC

“AAAAAAAARGH!” everyone screamed in terror as the asteroid came racing down to the very heart of Townsville city. It was a scorching hot day. Finally there came a very loud explosion when the asteroid hit the earth. To everyone’s surprise it didn’t destroy anything. It landed in the construction area. Everyone in Townsville came to see what it was. Everyone was surprised to see that it wasn’t a big rock with lava spewing from it! Instead, it was a large chocolate shell with an egg inside. A builder was silly and jumped into the broken egg and was never seen again.

Taco’s 100 WC

The radio announces that the soccer World Cup is to be held in Brazil. Everybody books their flight and starts to pack. Preparations begin. People from all around the world come to airports for their flights. In Brazil the traffic increases and at times becomes chaotic and unbearable for all kinds of vehicles. At the football stadium you can hear shouting, screaming, chanting and cheering which is unbelievable especially when the national anthems are sung. The colour is intense with everybody’s flags flying and excitement rising. But that’s what happens in Brazil when the soccer World  Cup is held there.

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