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Madison’s 100 WC

Dear Mr Abbott,

In 2000 world leaders promised that all children would be getting an education by 2015. Since then it has improved and the amount of children out of school has been halved since but in the half that is left a third of it is disabled children. 11 year old Lucy lives in Kenya, she has suffered from polio and her right leg is affected. So she has to crawl everywhere. Her mum wants her to get to school.

Lucy should have an education.

From Madison

Making Learning Fun

This is the winning entry from last years Young Journalist Award, it might help you to see what you need to ask the person you are interviewing!

YJA 2013 Junior Winner: Alexander Wylie, St Anthony’s Primary School, Marsfield, NSW

Mrs Susan Blyth has been teaching at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School for many years. All her students, past and present, would say the same thing: Mrs Blyth makes learning fun.

‘I was scared to make a mistake’, says Mrs Blyth of her own days at school. Her teachers were very strict. She didn’t want to copy them. I thought, ‘School shouldn’t be like this. I want children to reach their potential.’

She reached a decision when she became a teacher to make learning fun because her teachers were harsh with her. ‘I used to weep at the end of school holidays because my teachers were so mean to me’, says Mrs Blyth.

Mrs Blyth tells stories. ‘One of my favourite stories was when my sister and I were playing with a pavlova that my mum had made and we smashed it in half! I tell it so the students know that I am not perfect, and I also make mistakes’, she explains. ‘I tell stories because I want children to remember things.’

When asked who inspires her, Mrs Blyth responds, ‘All of my fellow teachers, they inspire me. I watch all the things they do and I always think that you can never stop learning.’ Her faith also greatly motivates her every-day life.

Emma Kevric, a student of Mrs Blyth, states, ‘She never minds just a little laugh and is always funny. Mrs Blyth inspires us. She always helps us and she makes work fun and easier for us, which is inspiring for me. She also tells us a lot about Jesus and how he did good things.’

A former student of Mrs Blyth, Natasha Mehta agrees with Emma’s opinion, ‘She would not get angry when you did something wrong. She taught things to us in different ways and would teach us in a way that it wouldn’t matter if you had trouble. She would encourage you to do your best.’

Mrs Blyth is an inspirational teacher. She is funny, not strict, and most especially, makes learning fun.




Gee’s 100WC

Dear Tony Abbott,

57 million people are missing out on school worldwide, 24million of them are disabled.  Everyone needs a decent education, so why don’t they?

A great example is an eleven year old child from Kenya, named Lucy. She was diagnosed with Polio in her right leg. Lucy became very sick and was sent to hospital. She has eight brothers that go to school but because of her disability, she is unable to get to school. If she did get an education, she would want to be a teacher or a doctor.

Please take that into action


Class Assembly

So in Week 8 it will be our turn to perform in our Class Assembly. If you have any ideas about what we could do then please comment on this post.

I have a few ideas floating around but would love your input!

Miss Baker

Mickey’s 100 WC

We all sat down by the trees. We formed a circle ready to play Chinese Whispers, Bella went first. When it came around to me, some of the words sounded like a foreign language, I could not understand anything Amanda had said, so I just made something up. When it got around to Cecilia she said, “I heart unicorns!!!” I started laughing as that is what I made up!
“Haha! That is really funny. I said whales are the best! Who changed it?” Bella asked. I raised my hand! “Guilty as charged!” I replied. I smiled as the bell rang.

Gee’s 100 WC

My eyes refocused as I woke up, staring into the bright sun. I glanced around to figure out where I was, to then notice that a blank yard surrounded me. Many pushy people crowded around me, as my eye throbbed, questions came to me. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language that I had never heard of before. The words repeated in my head over and over, just as I screamed as to why I’m here, Jail! What am I doing in Jail? Officers pulled the crowd apart to tell me, “Come with me, now Mister, or else…”

Ed’s 100 WC

I have travelled to many countries such as China, Iran, Egypt, Greece and many more. This trip I am in Peru, Peru is in a South America. It is a small little place which is built around rock walls. I walk in the town and the people are talking very load in the market, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. I walk around looking at this fantastic civilization. I walk to the very edge of the cliff and take out my camera and take a photo of the the sunset going down into the bright clouds.

Taco’s 100 WC

I was sitting in a class room when the teacher was telling us how to find the answer of 1+1=. My mind was drifting off at the impossible sum, while my brain was moving round in circles.
Some of the words sounded like a foreign language! I wondered how she understood what she was saying, I looked back at the dopey looking kids behind me all playing games or whispering and then the teacher asked me what this sums answer is? I freaked out, I was moving my mouth but no answer was coming out but then it did, 57.

Emma’s 100 WC

One day there was a little kid called Ben and he got lost in China Town in Australia. He asked a lady called Chi where he was but all he heard was, “Just got to jdfgsf and jfyden or maybe dsju you should be jd.” He said to himself, “Some of those words sounded like a foreign language or maybe it was in a foreign language?” Anyway he walked a few streets down and saw…… his house, he was so excited that he was jumping up and down and he ran to the door. His brother answered and bellowed, “Your grounded!”

Riley’s 100 WC

I have met many people from many different cultures doing my job, but this person sounds much different to all the others. I am a journalist and I find people with interesting stories. My next client is coming in 1 hour, now I am so excited.

(1 hour later) DING DONG! I rushed to the door to find two people having a conversation, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. I opened the door and there were two men, one was in a wheelchair missing both of his legs. I knew this would be a great story.

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