May 27

Mickey’s 100 WC

My heart is pounding, my legs are trembling, I want to run away, but where could I go? “Nicki, you’re up next!” You are going to be fine I tell myself. I slowly walk up to front of the classroom. The title on the white board is Public Speaking, this makes me even more nervous. “You may start,” says Miss Wilson. “G-G-Good morn-n-ing class.” I can’t do it I am mumbling my words and I can’t concentrate. I start taking louder breaths and play with my fingers. They are all staring at me. The best I can do is try.

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2 thoughts on “Mickey’s 100 WC

  1. baker2012 (Post author)

    Outstanding description of what it must be like for many of you when we do Public Speaking each year!

  2. Mags Team 100wc

    I can sense your fear! This a is a great piece of writing and it lets teachers know that public speaking is not easy for everyone! However…the best you can do is try…and practice is the best way to get better! Keep writing!


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