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Riley’s 100 WC

I have travelled to many countries but where could I go next. I have been to all the countries you could possible name. I love finding out very mythical stories when I travel. But there is one country that my grandpa mentioned to me, he told me a story that went like this, ‘In Altushca many years ago, there was a massive creature that went by the name of GODZILLA. Godzilla destroyed the island, leaving millions of people dead. But one day a Chinese  pilot flew his plane into Godzilla’s mouth with nukes tied to the side of his plane.’

Eloise’s 100 WC

There I was, stuck in the middle of a forest, surrounded by huge bushy, green trees. My heart was pounding like I had just been dead and was suddenly awoken. All of a sudden, I hear something in the bushes. As loud as thunder, the noise became louder and louder, until I could feel my ears moving in fear. I was trying to run away but where could I go, I was shaking like I was in Antarctica, not knowing why. Suddenly I awoke, so startled but so glad it was only a dream. My heart started to calm down as I drifted to sleep.

Mickey’s 100 WC

My heart is pounding, my legs are trembling, I want to run away, but where could I go? “Nicki, you’re up next!” You are going to be fine I tell myself. I slowly walk up to front of the classroom. The title on the white board is Public Speaking, this makes me even more nervous. “You may start,” says Miss Wilson. “G-G-Good morn-n-ing class.” I can’t do it I am mumbling my words and I can’t concentrate. I start taking louder breaths and play with my fingers. They are all staring at me. The best I can do is try.

Jacob C’s 100 WC

“Huff, huff”. I am running away from Japan, we are getting nuked and no one has been able to escape, but I am going to. I’m running through the sewers trying to stay going east. “God damit!” I have to turn south, hope this doesn’t take me back. After a bit I come across a cross section and it only goes west and south. But where could I go? Against all odds, I’m going to go west. Now I am going along a long stretch of path that is getting closer and closer to Japan. I hear a nuke, Boom!

Gee’s 100 WC

The noise rings inside my ears, listening to many of the intriguing conversations around me. My fingers are interlocked with my mother’s hand, squeezing tight as if I couldn’t let go. The train station was buzzing with people, so busy that it was close to impossible to move around. I was nearing to the yellow line, and a slight nudge knocked me over the edge. I glanced up, to see my horrified mum screaming for her life. No stairs, no escape, fences everywhere. The faint outline of a train is approaching, I try to run but where could I go?

Ruby’s 100 WC

Dear World Leaders,

In Kenya an 11 year old girl called Lucy is not being educated because of her disability called polio. With her disability she can’t bend her right leg .She has eight brothers who are all at school. When she’s older she wants to be a doctor or teacher. Lucy’s mum is worried that she won’t get the support she needs at school. Just about 57 million children don’t go to is also hard for Lucy to get to school because there is no transport for her. So please help these children now!

From Ruby

Emma’s 100 WC

Dear World Leaders,

Every child should have an education.

57 million children don’t have an education. 24 million kids out of them have a disability.

Lucy an 11 year old girl lives in Kenya. Lucy has suffered from polio that affected her right leg, now she cannot straighten it.

Lucy should go to school because all kids have a right to learn and get a job, that way she can get enough money she needs.

Help these children have an education for kids like Lucy.



Alex V’s 100 WC

Dear World Leaders,

I believe that everybody should have an education and go to school. 11 year old Lucy lives in Africa in Kenya. She has a disability where she can’t straighten her right leg but her left leg is fine. If she had an education and went to school she would like to be a teacher or a doctor and help her mum around the house. Her mum is worried that she won’t get the help at school. She has 8 brothers that have been to school and she can’t make it to school with her right leg disability.

From Alexandra

Eloise’s 100 WC

Dear Mr Abbot,

57 million children all over the world are missing out on an education. An education is a very important part of a child’s life because it is where your life starts for example if you don’t get an education you will not receive a job which means no money to survive.

Lucy is an 11 year old girl. Polio has affected her right leg. Lucy’s eight brothers and friends have an education Lucy’s life depends on an education but she cannot have one due to her disability. So please help children like Lucy to have an education.


Georgie’s 100 WC

Dear Mr Abbott,

Children all over the world are going on with life but not having an education. 57 million children are missing out on school and 24 million are disabled. In 2015 all the world leaders promised that they would let all the children in the world go to school.

Lucy from Kenya has polio and there for she can’t straighten her right leg but her left is fine. All 8 of her brothers go to school but she does not. She wants to be a teacher or a doctor if she does ever does school. So please help!


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