Sam Bramham

On Monday the 28th of April, we will be lucky enough to have a visit from Australian Paralympian (swimmer) Sam Bramham. He will be speaking to the 5/6 students about Leadership and later those who are doing Community Service for Inquiry about disability awareness. Here is a little about our visitor;


DOB: 23/05/88
Sport: Swimming
Coach: Matt Byrne
Club: Tritons

Sam Bramham certainly entered Paralympic competition with a splash when he broke the 100m Butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympic, his first games at the age of 16.

Since then he has travelled the world claiming golds, breaking records and experiencing life at events such as the 2006 Melboune Commonwealth Games, 2007 Sth African World Championship and 2008 Beijing Paralympics.
In 2009 Sam was awarded with the Order of Australia Medal for services to his country and for being a role model for his younger team mates.

Born without his right femur due to unknown circumstances, Sam had his right leg amputated at the age of five which enabled him to wear a prosthetic. Never letting his disability get in the way, Sam has played a number of sports including AFL football, Rugby, Kayaking and even captained his school water polo team.

Sam has always been known as a ‘prankster’ and the joker of the Australian Team, proving this at the Athens Games when he told American media that his leg was mauled off by Kangaroo’s on a family holiday. He even had local Police take an interest after faking a shark attack while on holidays at a major northern NSW beach.
Sam has studied sport marketing and management at La Trobe University and currently works within the sports industry as well as making regular speaking appearances.

He also involves himself in charity work and acts as an ambassador for Disability Sport and Recreation – promoting positive health outcomes for disabled Victorians through sport, Bully Free – speaking about anti bullying in schools and the workplace, Oz Child – supporting young underprivileged youth, and Group Training Association of Victoria – promoting the importance of education and upgrading skills.

In his spare time, Sam keeps regular company with family and friends. He enjoys anything Australiana. He loves ‘Ozploitation’ films such as the Mad Max films, Cactus and Razorback. He is also an avid car enthusiast and spends some of his time working on his 1975 Valiant VJ Charger.

Sam retired from swimming in 2011 due to an ongoing shoulder injury but is planning to return to Paralympic competition in the sport of Paratriathlon, just in time for the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

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