Visiting the Cade family in Tootgarook

This Easter holidays we went to our family friend’s house in Tooktarook. The drive took about an hour on the freeway. When we got there we went inside to say hello. After that, we talked and played for a bit, then we went to unpack the car as we were staying the night.

At 4.30pm all the kids went outside to see the moon. The ‘blood moon’ was supposed to be visible today but we were unable to see the eclipse. At 6pm we decided to go to the beach to see a glimpse of the pink moon. When we got to the beach, the sand felt freezing cold between our toes and we couldn’t see the moon here either. But then, the moon started to appear from behind the thick clouds, it was amazing, so round with a orange/red colour. We stayed at the beach for a while then went home. When we arrived home we had some pasta for dinner, watched the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and did some art activities. After our big day, we ended up going to bed quite late and very tired at about 11:30pm.

The next day, Sophie, Charlotte, Olivia and I hid some chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt which Mum had arranged for fun. All the kids ran out into the garden and collected as many as we could find, I think we got most, if not all of them. After we could not find any more eggs, Belinda  made us pancakes for breakfast. Once we cleared the dishes from breakfast, Sophie and I made a few ‘video stars’ videos with these  songs ‘Kiss You’ and ‘Up All Night’. In the afternoon, we loaded the car with our bags and drove home. I was so tired I slept all the way home.

We all had lots of fun in Tootgarook and it was great to see the Cade family at their new house.I can’t wait it visit them again.

By Ruby

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