Alexandra’s Easter Day!

It was time, Easter was today. Dion, mum and I made some profiteroles to bring to my nonna’s house for lunch. After the profiteroles were in the oven, I watched a bit of TV and got dressed, the profiteroles were ready. We let them cool down and then I made the chocolate which goes on the top and Dion made the custard and cream which goes in the middle.

We all got into the car to go to our nonna’s house. We got there and said hello to my cousins and aunties. My cousin Elise and I went outside and played cricket with my little cousin Jake who is 3 years old. He hit the ball so low but we said it was very high, so he wouldn’t be upset. I had a go and I smashed it and got 20 runs in a short amount of time. Then it was time for lunch, we ate prawns, salad, meat and lots more.

My two brothers, my oldest cousin Christian and my dad went to the oval to have a kick, but oh no, Christian dislocated his finger while he was going for the mark. His poor finger twisted back. He went straight back to my nonna and nonno’s home and got into the car with my uncle, my dad and Christian’s mum to go to the hospital. He got his finger put back in place but had to have some x-rays to make sure the bone was not broken. He came back with his arm in a sling.

The Easter hunt was coming up. It was the youngest to oldest to search outside. Jake was first and Dion was last because my two eldest cousins didn’t want to do it.  I found millions of eggs, at least I thought I did. I was looking everywhere and found some very sneaky places that the eggs were hidden in. Next we all said Goodbye and Happy Easter to all and left. We all had a very a Happy Easter.

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