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Active April

Thank you to those who have logged onto the Active April website and put in there hours of exercise throughout April. There are only a few more days to go! I would like to see all class members participate over the last few days of April!



Sam Bramham

On Monday the 28th of April, we will be lucky enough to have a visit from Australian Paralympian (swimmer) Sam Bramham. He will be speaking to the 5/6 students about Leadership and later those who are doing Community Service for Inquiry about disability awareness. Here is a little about our visitor;


DOB: 23/05/88
Sport: Swimming
Coach: Matt Byrne
Club: Tritons

Sam Bramham certainly entered Paralympic competition with a splash when he broke the 100m Butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympic, his first games at the age of 16.

Since then he has travelled the world claiming golds, breaking records and experiencing life at events such as the 2006 Melboune Commonwealth Games, 2007 Sth African World Championship and 2008 Beijing Paralympics.
In 2009 Sam was awarded with the Order of Australia Medal for services to his country and for being a role model for his younger team mates.

Born without his right femur due to unknown circumstances, Sam had his right leg amputated at the age of five which enabled him to wear a prosthetic. Never letting his disability get in the way, Sam has played a number of sports including AFL football, Rugby, Kayaking and even captained his school water polo team.

Sam has always been known as a ‘prankster’ and the joker of the Australian Team, proving this at the Athens Games when he told American media that his leg was mauled off by Kangaroo’s on a family holiday. He even had local Police take an interest after faking a shark attack while on holidays at a major northern NSW beach.
Sam has studied sport marketing and management at La Trobe University and currently works within the sports industry as well as making regular speaking appearances.

He also involves himself in charity work and acts as an ambassador for Disability Sport and Recreation – promoting positive health outcomes for disabled Victorians through sport, Bully Free – speaking about anti bullying in schools and the workplace, Oz Child – supporting young underprivileged youth, and Group Training Association of Victoria – promoting the importance of education and upgrading skills.

In his spare time, Sam keeps regular company with family and friends. He enjoys anything Australiana. He loves ‘Ozploitation’ films such as the Mad Max films, Cactus and Razorback. He is also an avid car enthusiast and spends some of his time working on his 1975 Valiant VJ Charger.

Sam retired from swimming in 2011 due to an ongoing shoulder injury but is planning to return to Paralympic competition in the sport of Paratriathlon, just in time for the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

Alexandra’s Easter Day!

It was time, Easter was today. Dion, mum and I made some profiteroles to bring to my nonna’s house for lunch. After the profiteroles were in the oven, I watched a bit of TV and got dressed, the profiteroles were ready. We let them cool down and then I made the chocolate which goes on the top and Dion made the custard and cream which goes in the middle.

We all got into the car to go to our nonna’s house. We got there and said hello to my cousins and aunties. My cousin Elise and I went outside and played cricket with my little cousin Jake who is 3 years old. He hit the ball so low but we said it was very high, so he wouldn’t be upset. I had a go and I smashed it and got 20 runs in a short amount of time. Then it was time for lunch, we ate prawns, salad, meat and lots more.

My two brothers, my oldest cousin Christian and my dad went to the oval to have a kick, but oh no, Christian dislocated his finger while he was going for the mark. His poor finger twisted back. He went straight back to my nonna and nonno’s home and got into the car with my uncle, my dad and Christian’s mum to go to the hospital. He got his finger put back in place but had to have some x-rays to make sure the bone was not broken. He came back with his arm in a sling.

The Easter hunt was coming up. It was the youngest to oldest to search outside. Jake was first and Dion was last because my two eldest cousins didn’t want to do it.  I found millions of eggs, at least I thought I did. I was looking everywhere and found some very sneaky places that the eggs were hidden in. Next we all said Goodbye and Happy Easter to all and left. We all had a very a Happy Easter.

Gee’s Easter Holidays…

As usual, the first week of my holidays mainly consisted of boredom, boredom and a little bit more boredom. I had a few friends over, here and there, but nothing really exciting happened until the second week of the holidays. This is when mum finally had a break off work and I finished cleaning out my room. Geez that was a struggle, finishing it after like three weeks, is a good feeling.

As you know, the four leaders did that small presentation at the Prep Information Evening and as a reward; Mrs Moss gave us movie vouchers for Village Cinemas. On Tuesday 15th, we decided to see Captain America 2, but unfortunately, Riley was too sick to sit in the Cinemas so only Tom, Tilly and I went.

On Wednesday of the second week, my cousin and her boyfriend came for dinner, visiting from Canada. Along with my Aunty, Nana and my cousin and her husband. Now would be a good time to mention that my married cousin is 31 and the other one is 29. We had a beautiful dinner, made up of salads, lamb and potatoes, the usual in this household. Everyone gradually left and my cousin and her Canadian boyfriend stayed the night. They were in Australian for the week visiting the family, usually living in Toronto, but we had lots of fun hearing about what they were up to over there.

Early morning, we had a fruit platter and yoghurt for breakfast and strolled down to the Camberwell Junction for a long walk. We spent most of our morning up there, as we showed them some shops and stopped for a coffee at my sister’s work. They are into their fitness so they really enjoyed the relaxing walk down there.

On Thursday, I spent the night at my friend’s house; Ruby, you may remember her from last year. She now goes to Genazzano, so it is good to catch up often. We made Easter biscuits and went to Grill’d for dinner. We also happened to bump into Tom, Will, Ed and Alex, which was quite an awkward surprise; but now I am not looking forward to seeing them again at school! We grabbed a movie to watch and ate some of our Easter cookies throughout that!

Every year, we go to my Grandma’s house for Good Friday lunch and so that is where we spent our Good Friday. Straight from there, we drove to Rosebud, to stay for the Easter weekend with some family friends. Friday night was pretty relaxed but we did stay up til midnight with music thumping! I regret staying up to hear all this old music, watching my mum disco dance to ‘Staying Alive’ and hearing some of the things that my dad used to love listening to, EMBARRASSING!

On Saturday, we did a huge walk across the beaches of Portsea and Sorrento. They call it the millionaires walk, as you can actually stroll through the backyards of million dollar mansions! We continued on through the beaches with breathtaking views and the sights of even more beach houses. After we arrived back home, we had lunch, to then head off to some wineries where the parents wine tasted and the kids just stood around looking bored.

We had the usual for dinner but I think the highlight of the night was dessert. I put together a mouth-watering key lime pie and I hate to be so vain, but that pie was amazing!

We woke up to Easter Eggs on the table, to be exact, a Richmond Easter Egg and a Marvellous Creations Bunny! We had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard, as we do every year, to add to the eggs I got on Good Friday. Afterwards, we went to church and came back for a fantastic lunch of lamb and veggies. We needed to come home and so we did, for the over hour long drive. For dinner, we had Tacos, made my sister and her friend, Matt.

Well that’s about it, I told you my holidays were nothing special! But I guess you wanted to know about them…

Visiting the Cade family in Tootgarook

This Easter holidays we went to our family friend’s house in Tooktarook. The drive took about an hour on the freeway. When we got there we went inside to say hello. After that, we talked and played for a bit, then we went to unpack the car as we were staying the night.

At 4.30pm all the kids went outside to see the moon. The ‘blood moon’ was supposed to be visible today but we were unable to see the eclipse. At 6pm we decided to go to the beach to see a glimpse of the pink moon. When we got to the beach, the sand felt freezing cold between our toes and we couldn’t see the moon here either. But then, the moon started to appear from behind the thick clouds, it was amazing, so round with a orange/red colour. We stayed at the beach for a while then went home. When we arrived home we had some pasta for dinner, watched the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and did some art activities. After our big day, we ended up going to bed quite late and very tired at about 11:30pm.

The next day, Sophie, Charlotte, Olivia and I hid some chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt which Mum had arranged for fun. All the kids ran out into the garden and collected as many as we could find, I think we got most, if not all of them. After we could not find any more eggs, Belinda  made us pancakes for breakfast. Once we cleared the dishes from breakfast, Sophie and I made a few ‘video stars’ videos with these  songs ‘Kiss You’ and ‘Up All Night’. In the afternoon, we loaded the car with our bags and drove home. I was so tired I slept all the way home.

We all had lots of fun in Tootgarook and it was great to see the Cade family at their new house.I can’t wait it visit them again.

By Ruby

Public Speaking

Hi All,

Public Speaking will take place in Term 2. For those of you who are keen, first speeches will be in Week 2 on Friday. Below are your topics, if you wish to get an early start!

1st Speech – Practise Round (Term 2 – Week 2 ) -Speeches will be given on Friday 2nd May

  • Behind The News enhances a student’s education.

  • As the water sprung from the……………

  • The most influential person of the 21st century.

Active April

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am! Don’t forget to log onto Active April website and log your exercise during the holidays! Well done to ED who has logged the most hours so far! Remember it’s only half an hour each day, so take your dog for a walk or play a game of basketball in the backyard in the rain!

Also don’t forget anyone who emails me a recount about something they do on the holidays for our blog will receive marbles for our class jar! Have a great break because next Term is going to be full on, starting from Week 1!!!!!

Miss Baker