March 2014 archive

Aiden’s 100 WC

Once there were three little pigs living in their mother’s cottage.  One day the little pigs saw that their mum was sick.  She said she had a bad cold, so she gave her son’s three coins each.  She also said to make a house and buy some medicine.  So the first pig built the house, the second pig brewed the medicine but the third pig saw the big, bad wolf while getting the stuff the other pigs needed. He ran away and picked up a potion and threw it at the wolf and he got polarized forever.


Jacob C’s 100 WC

There once was a girl named Madelin McMoney who loved to play all day. After she played all day she went to bed.

One night she couldn’t get to sleep so she looked to find what was keeping her awake, it was a pea and her mum told her it was the princess pea and if she could not get to sleep, she was a princess!

Madelin wanted her sleep so she put 300 mattresses between her and the pea. She still couldn’t get to sleep, so she went to tell the King but she fell off the mattresses and went splat.

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