March 2014 archive

Jacob T’s 100 WC

One bright day Jimmy and his friends went to the U.F.O exhibition. When they arrived they all split apart and went about discovering their own exhibits. Jimmy went and joined a tour guide. He wanted to impress his friends. During the tour, the guide explained how an actual U.F.O has the exact same look as the ones in the exhibition. When they went through a room they saw many U.F.Os. But strangely when the guide pointed to a U.F.O, it suddenly burst into the sky leaving a ball of dust. One of Jimmy’s friends shouted
“Look up! Can you see that!!!”

Emma’s 100 WC

A girl named Ella and a boy named Harrison were walking down the street going to their grandma’s and grandpa’s house and Harrison saw something in the sky, he said, “Look up! Can you see that thing in the sky? What do you think it is?”

“I can see it and it’s a plane….. Wait, no It’s a flying frog, no a fairy wait, I know it is a FISH!” said Ella.

“No you silly girl it’s an ALIEN INVASION!!!!” shouted Harrison, “And it’s heading right for us!”

People already started dying. When Ella nearly said run everything went dark!

Jacob C’s 100 WC

There one was a girl who liked to hunt treasure, she found a map with a big X on it .

So she went off to find the big X‘s location.

She went through bog,  pulling her way through the thick swamp, then she had to fly to the Caribbean Sea and sky dive onto a secret island, form there she was manly trying to fend of monkeys and things to get to the big X.

To her surprise when she got there was a big red X  on the ground, she dug utill she hit wood, ”Bang” A chest. Then she lifted the lid.

Georgia’s 100 WC

“Look up can you see it?”


“See what?” said Sally.


“The stars, aren’t they beautiful?” I said.


“Hey look that one, it is getting huge”! Michael said with excitement.


It was only a little while when it caught on fire and started zooming towards earth. In less than a minute, we realised it was a comet. We were all panicking and didn’t know what to do, there was no one in sight on the beach. We started knocking on peoples doors but no one would answer. Every second the comet would just get bigger and bigger until it was right next to us! BANG!!

Will K’s 100 WC

One day, three friends called Fred, Bill and Paul were in line to get tickets for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. They finally bought their tickets and went to the grand stand. All of the other races had finished and it was time for the Formula 1, all of the boys loved Formula 1. But before the race it was the F18 Jet show. They were sipping on their Slurpee’s and eating their pies when Paul said ‘’Look up! Can you see the F18 Jet?’ “WOW!’’ the boys shouted. It was so loud but they loved it. ‘’Awesome!” the boys shouted.

Georgie’s 100 WC

18 year old Grace Hold was on a tour to America for a school thing. They got to go lots of places around America and saw great and amazing sights. But finally they had to end the trip with a terrific thing to end it with. They decided to end it on having a ride on a hot air balloon. ‘Look up! Can you see the place we are staying at from here? I can see everything.’ They had finished and had to go to the airport. They boarded the plane then they took off but the plane had disappeared.

St Patrick’s Day

Today we celebrated St Patrick’s Day in style by making mint choc-chip cookies with our 1/2 Cincotta buddies. Some of us need a little practise with reading recipes so we don’t add too much of some ingredients or not add them at all, however this didn’t stop of from eating them anyway!

Later in the day we assisted our buddies with a St Patrick’s Day clover artwork! It was great to spend time with our buddies and celebrate St Patrick’s Day together.






Will C’s 100 WC

Jenny was on her way to her grandparents’ house. She was walking down this street when she saw a house with the door wide open with a container right at the front. She was too tempted so she ran over and looked at the container. It was really furry. “Cool” she thought, BUT WHEN SHE LIFTED THE LID all of this stinky air came out. “Wow that smells,” she yelled. She looked around, everyone was dying, she had to close the lid but she was about to faint from the stink. Suddenly, everything went black, did she close the lid?

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