March 2014 archive

Lloyd’s 100 WC

It is a fine summers day and I’m walking with my friend Kye, all of a sudden we hear this ear popping sound.

“What was that?” I said curiously.

“I don’t know,” said Kye.

“Wait,” I said as if I heard something.

“What’s that, look up! Can’t you see?” I yell jumping on Kai, nearly knocking him over.

“What is it?” he replies.

“I don’t know, it looks like a UFO.”

As it gets closer we realize it actually is a UFO. It lands on the ground neatly in front of us and a big green scary alien walks out.

Riley’s 100 WC

One night, Taylor, Russel and I went to the movies to watch the action packed thriller ‘When the World Ends’. It was about a massive meteorite that is heading for earth, and everybody is relying on the astronomers and the military force to stop it. The military force then fire a rocket at it and it blows up, and kills thousands of people. It was the best movie I have ever seen. When we got out of the cinema Russel said, ‘Look up! Can you see that?’ We all look up to see a bright burning ball heading to us.

Ed’s 100 WC

“Look up! Can you see a plane falling from the sky?” I yelled to every one around. I looked up and saw black smoke exploding out of the left wing. The left wing is damaged and fire and smoke are coming out of the wing, I looked to my right to see dark clouds that are ready to take down the plane. Everyone if filming with their phones. The plane is falling and it goes into the clouds, no one can see the plane. It is silent around me. I look at the hills in the distance, I see smoke.

Alex’s 100 WC

Look up! Can you see? It’s a shooting star quickly wish for something. Did you make a wish it better be a good one because it could come true, no they can’t shooting stars are fake shooting stars are real you watch your wish could come true, whatever. One night when she fell asleep she heard barking, walking, cling and clangs she didn’t know what it was? So she ran down stairs to see what it was wow my wish came true a puppy maybe my friend was right and I was wrong this whole entire time I regret what I said!

Alexandra’s 100 WC

Look up! Can you see that planet in the sky “No of course not there impossible to see with your naked eye you can only see it with a telescope”. Abbey and Jacob said to their mum “Mum Mummy can we get a telescope to look at the planets”. “Well ummmm Uncle Barry has a telescope we will go over to his house. I will ring him now!’’ They went over to Uncle Barry’s house, so where is that telescope of yours?’’ He got it and they all looked at the planets.

Gee’s 100 WC

The earth started to rumble, as my heart started to pound. My family and I sprinted down to our dark cellar, made out of sandbags and concrete. We begin to discuss happy thoughts, while we are crouched down in our cramped, damp, underground basement. The muffled rumbling got louder, when my baby brother began to cry. My mother wailed saying, ‘Hey, look up! Can you see that crack?’ This is definitely not a good sign, as the crack got longer, the sound got louder. We only had one choice; to depart from the cellar. Unfortunately, the door was jammed, with no way of getting out…

Olivia’s 100 WC

Christian and Bella had just arrived at the local zoo. Firstly, they went to the cafe and sat under a nice shady tree to eat lunch. While they were eating lunch Christian said, “Hey Bella look up, can you see that Koala up in the tree? It’s adorable”.

“Yes isn’t it lovely?” said Bella.

Suddenly a young lady who worked at the zoo handed the Koala to Bella and left. The two children were confused but when they caught a glimpse of everyone around them admiring the animal, Christian and Bella just went along with it and each enjoyed having a turn of holding the Koala.

Brooke’s 100 WC

One afternoon Jessica and Tim went into the woods to play hide and seek. After awhile Jessica and Tim got bored of playing hide and seek, so they started to walk back home. On their journey back home, Tim realised that there was some form of a plane flying down very low in the woods. Tim said “Look up, can you see that plane flying down so low?”

“Yes” said Jessica in shock.

“Come on lets go tell mum what we have discovered.”

As Jessica and Tim were telling their mum what had happened their mum said, “You kids are just imagining things.”

Madison’s 100 WC

“Lucy, Lucy,” called the tinkling voice up in the tree, “Come with me Lucy” the voice was full of silk, “Look up! Can you see?” Lucy lifted her head from the shaded grass beneath the great oak tree in granny’s garden. She looked into the tree’s branches and saw a little, delicate figure swinging on a fern hammock.  The little figure was dressed in a leafy green dress and pink shaded petal cloak, her hair black and shining like the stars in the brightest night. “Hello, I’m Emerald, Princess Lucy.  “What are you?” asked the astonished Lucy. “Why I am a Flider, of course” said Emerald. “Why do you call me princess ?” asked Lucy full of wonder.

Ruby’s 100 WC

Crack, bang, smash. Rocks are falling everywhere! A volcano is erupting, the ground is shaking. Look up! Can you see it? It’s quite smoky and horribly hot. I can’t really see or breathe…I try to call for help, but my throat is burning. I need help, I really do, but no one will find me here on this deserted island! I can’t even see my own hands or feet. I had better just wait and see if someone comes. I hope a helicopter will see me. Hey I think I can hear something flying over. It’s a helicopter!! HELP!! HELP!! Yes! It’s coming in….they’ve found me.

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