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Ruby’s 100 WC

Meetings were held across the county to find an answer to the problem of shark attacks in Western Australia. The government has begun a shark cull, killing sharks over three meters long and dumping them out at sea, but many people like our group are protesting against the government.  We believe that you shouldn’t kill random sharks, because most of them haven’t attacked or hurt anyone. The sharks are in their own territory. We just have to be careful when swimming and surfing. We know the shark nets keep the sharks out but the nets catch other sea animals which can get stuck and die. Please leave the sharks alone!

Alexandra D’s 100 Word Challenge

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer on the best recipe when using Passionfruit and Watermelon. All my Friends were there, at the meeting held at Rome Italy.

Veronica’s Recipe included a cake with passionfruit icing and watermelon inside of a Vanilla cake. On the side were crunchy chips, potatoes and a Mini Fruit salad with mango and strawberry topping.

Bella’s method contained Watermelon and passionfruit gravy on top of lamb roast. On the side were green peas, boiled tomatoes and a mini salad with a lemon and pomegranate garnish.

We don’t know who to choose, this will be a difficult choice but the winner is…  Bella!!

Jacob’s 100 Word Challenge

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer about the question of whether Australia should become a republic.
If our country were to become a republic we need to have these little meetings all the time. Even though Australia isn’t a republic we need to discuss whether we want to become independent from England and leave the Commonwealth.
A country that is a republic like the United States of America does not have the Queen as its head of State. Neither would the union jack be on the flag because it is independent of England.
I believe Australia shouldn’t be a republic because we were discovered by England and our ancestors were English.

Year 5/6 talk to Olympic Champ Scott Kneller!

Today (11th of Feb) all of the Grade 5/6’s talked to the Australian Ski-Cross Champ, Scott Kneller. Some of the Year 6’s spoke to him last year, it was great for us to see him in Sochi! Unfortunately for Scott he broke his back in Italy while training for the Olympics. It was great to see him up on his feet ready to compete for Australia and win us gold! We all sat down and spoke to him through Google Hangouts! We were also hooked up with different schools in Victoria. They were having some technical difficulties so we were the only school that Scott could hear. Some children had questions to ask him about his career and about his lead up to the Winter Olympics!
We learnt so much talking to Scott and he is an inspiration to us all!! Thanks Scott for being a champ. You will make Australia proud!!!!!
By Georgie and Michaela




Reading and ordering numbers

Today we played a Maths game called ‘High Five,’ which required you to roll 3 dice and make a number between 1-9 with the numbers you rolled (e.g. I rolled a 6, 7 and 3, I could make 4 because 7 + 3 = 10 – 6 = 4). After five rolls the aim is to make the biggest number with your answers.

After we played a few games with our partners, we wrote down our biggest number and the class lined up in order from largest to smallest, without talking! The class were very clever at this game and had lots of fun playing!



Year 6 Leadership Day

On Tuesday 4th of February, all of the Year 6’s travelled by bus to the Amberley Edmund Rice Centre in Eltham. This Excursion was all about Leadership, as we worked together in our leadership groups for different activities. One of the activities we did was build a structure out of newspaper and sticky tape and each team had to fit in there free-standing building.  We also had to write up a list of our team norms that we will all follow throughout the year when we are working together and we made a poster of ideas of how we can improve St Dominic’s. Another activity we participated in was making a poster with each-other’s faces and next to it wrote each of our qualities. During recess we played table tennis and air hockey and did some exploring in the gardens, but the best part was lunch time! We all got to have pizza and garlic bread, not to forget the soft drinks! At the end of the day, we were so excited to get our graduate jumpers that not one of us took off even though it was hot! After a long bus trip home, we arrived back at school after long day of fun.

By Riley and Georgia R 5/6 B

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