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National Young Leaders Day 2014

A short train ride led Mrs Bolton and the school leaders; Tom, Georgia, Riley and Matilda, to Southern Cross Station. We walked over to the exhibition building to start the great day.

We began with a boogie from the Freestyle Academy, with our minds blown with their great dance moves.

Megan Dredge was our host for the day, starting with a small talk about the day planned ahead.

Our first speaker was Mike Martin, telling us about good leadership. He is the executive director of the Halogen Foundation. He explained the connections that a tree has with leadership and the great qualities of being a leader.

We watched a small clip from Percy Jackson about giving up your winnings or saving your friend? This was to inspire us about what you could do as a great leader.

Our next speaker was John Marsden, author of Tomorrow When the War Began Series. He spoke to us about how there are no rules to language and what a creative language user is. He told us that you should use your own language and not second-hand language; meaning expressions or lines used before.

We had a quick break for a snack and a look around for some new things to discover. Not to forget the freebies we had to push our way through the crowd to get! Everyone returned to the huge room to hear, the X – Factors; Royce Twins, singing some beautiful covers to some great songs.

The third speaker of the day was Daniel Flynn, the creator of Thank-You Water. He started the journey at the age of 19, inspired by the despicable issue of water contamination. The company started troubled, trying for years until he rang up Sunrise to expand on their publicity. He was sent to Cambodia to film their story for Sunrise and see the country that all his money was going towards. Soon after, their website crashed with views from all over the place.

We had a little fun with the huge blow up balloons that we punched across the room. This was a Young Leaders Day favourite!!

The next speaker was Jess Fox, Olympic silver medallist. She competed in the London 2012 Olympics for the white water rafting, as her parents did. Before she qualified, Jess was going through her VCE, in fact reaching a score of 99.1 for her ATAR. She tried her hardest at everything and she made it through to the Olympics, not long after.

We enjoyed a lunch break and a look around the seaside. After we returned back into the room, the thumping music blasted through our ears. A memorable performance form BKODE, amazing us with their awesome hip hop dancing.

The last speaker of the day was Kevin Sheedy, speaking to us about his AFL career and where he got the inspiration to slap on a pair of footy boots. He spoke to us about dreaming and what we can do to do anything we want to.

The train home was fast, but we all spoke about the highlights of the day. Each one of us enjoyed the 2014 Young Leaders Day and hoping to do something similar again!

By Georgia Ryan 5/6 B

IMG_0923 IMG_0968

Mabel’s visit to the vet….

For all of those people who were wondering Mabel has been checked by the vet and given the all clear! She has been given a needle and should have no issues, which is great news! Looks like Pearl may have passed away from a heart attack or a disease which can be easily caught by bunnies from a mosquito bite, either way we will never know for certain.

We need to give Mabel lots of love and care and in two weeks time the vet said we can think about getting her another friend!

Betty White is looking after her!


Georgia’s 100 WC

It kept on happening, hearing the voices running through my mind; it was a group of spirits asking me to help them. They wanted me to pass on messages to their loved ones before they crossed over into the light. Some of the spirits have been hanging around for years trying to find someone who could see and hear the dead. I went to the houses of their loved ones so I could pass on their different messages, it took a while but I finally finished. It was an amazing feeling to see all of them crossover into the light.

Will C’s 100 WC

Lazlo and Simon where playing a game they called “who licked me” when they saw this huge light, coming from their neighbour’s tree house. It was so light and beautiful. Everyone was walking to it, so Lazlo and Simon started to walk to over to it too. Simon was about to touch it when a man pushed in front of him and touched it, seconds later the man was screaming in pain. Then suddenly, he turned into ashes. Simon didn’t know what to do but Lazlo did. He built a massive wall and licked it all together. Everyone was safe.

Ruby’s 100 WC

The screeching sound of sirens rang in my ears. People were everywhere, pushing and pulling, trying to evacuate the hall which had caught on fire. I started to panic when I realised that my mother was no longer beside me, somehow I had lost her. I decided to go and wait next to a wooded house. I looked from one side to another for my mother, but the red lights of the fire trucks were all that I could see. Suddenly, I saw a figure moving slowing towards me.  It was my mother I was so happy to see her!

Aiden’s 100 WC

Once at an excursion, me and the other kids where exploring the forest. Then all of a sudden our group were chased by a bear that just appeared out of nowhere. I think the bear was attracted to Francesco’s honey and soy potato chips! Then while we were running, we tripped over a trip wire that opened a door from the floor and we fell in. Then when we woke up, we found a strange house then a wizard appeared from the door and said, “Look behind you!” and then we saw our bus we parked. How weird was that?

Lloyd’s 100 WC

I turn around and see the police are still chasing me with flashlights in their hand. I am so tired I can barely breathe, my lungs are tightening but I keep running, I have to. I turn around; their flashlights are still gleaming at me, burning my eyes. I see a house in the distance, I should run for that. As I keep running I finally get to the house, I open the door no one’s in there, it’s a small little cosy house with a couch, table, TV and kitchen. The door bursts open, the police have found me!

Emma’s 100 WC

One day me and my friends where going to a haunted house but I really didn’t want to go. My friends begged and begged until I finally had to say yes. Even though I didn’t want to go I kind of had fun but only after the haunted house because they give you lollies for coming out alive. In the haunted house I was so scared I wanted to get out, only 5 seconds after I got in. There where zombies, witches, dead people lying on the ground I was so scared! After the haunted house I collapsed on my bed.

Alex V’s 100 WC

One scary, mysterious night, there were people dancing singing and celebrating. Until this young girl named Emily discovered something surprising. She couldn’t believe it she was so amazed. When she pushed past the bushes she saw this bright light, it was so bright she couldn’t see anything. When she looked up, she saw this big house on a tree. She had never seen anything like this before. Then she saw this big staircase, she went up them and it was Santa with her Christmas presents. She opened her present and something jumped on her, it was a bunny! Emily was so excited because it was her first pet.

Brooke’s 100 WC

One day Jake said to his sister, “Do you want to have a Christmas party?” Anabella said, “Yeah, let’s have a party!” So they start to do the invitations and Anabella said, “Jake we can’t have Josh at the party because he has been a bully to us.” Jake said, “Yes you are right”. After they finish writing the invitation they sent the invitations out. The next day everyone was talking about it. The following week it was the party, when everyone got there they were so excited. People really enjoyed the party because it was fun and entertaining. We made the right decision not to invite Josh.

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