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Ruby’s 100 WC

Pushing through the earth, the little brown fox scratched and sniffed the cool night air. His ears twitched as he stopped and listened.  Chickens……yummy yummy. His stomach was growling as he hadn’t eaten for days. He couldn’t stop thinking about those juicy chicken thighs and he started to drool. He quietly approached the chicken coop. He stuck his head inside. Full of sleeping chickens, it was fox heaven.  Suddenly, he heard a door slam and just as the famer came out, he ran away. The next night he decided to go back and try his luck again. Chickens are a very, very tasty snack.

Aiden’s 100 WC

“Err… why is the ground shaking?” I say,  and for some reason a massive earthquake is surrounding me. “Wow I better run!” so then I was running as fast as I could. But a while later I was wondering… “what did make that earthquake?” then I saw a mine. When I went closer I heard the vibration again so I thought if something in the mine was causing the earthquake. When I walked in I found a huge mining drill that was pushing through the earth which was also making that vibration. “So maybe THAT was causing the eathquake!”


Ed’s 100 WC

As I was pushing through the earth with my shovel I it a hard, rocky surface. I got out my drill and drilled my way through the surface. As I was drilling I fell into I room. I stood up while rubbing my head from my fall. I looked around in this room and I could tell it has no life or soul just rocks. I see in the wall colors shining, I walk over to the wall to see by surprise rubies there all over the room. I jump around with excitement. Then the floor brakes and I fall……

Georgie’s 100 WC

Scarlett was a young, teenage girl in Year 11, at a private girl’s school. She was walking home one day after school and saw a very shinny object lying on the grass out the front of a park. Scarlett moved closer to the object and then it started pushing through the earth breaking everything in its path. Scarlett slowly moved back away from the object. Then she ran home and never spoke about it until she found out it was on the news! Then she had to tell police. Meetings were held across the country to find out about the object.

Brooke’s 100 WC

The Baker family decided that they needed a new house. After a couple of weeks of searching they moved into their dream home which they then began renovating.

Jim and his father began working on their new house when they came across what looked like a safe.  They began the process of trying to open the safe to see what was inside.  Once the safe was opened, they were surprised to find lots of money hidden inside.  After their surprise they closed the safe back up and hid it in the garden. They began digging a hole until they felt they were pushing through the earth. 

Riley’s 100 WC

I wake up, I am on the floor again, the ground is shaking beneath me. This has been happening to me for weeks now. My mum and dad come rushing into my room to see if I am alright, ‘I am fine,’ I say, ‘what is it dad?’ ‘I am not sure,’ says dad, normally he knows everything. We go outside everyone is screaming and running everywhere, one person is running to us, dad grabs him and asks him what it is. ‘ It is a giant worm pushing through the earth and it is going to kill us all,’ reply’s the panicking man.


Emma’s 100 WC

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a puppy, my breed is a toy poodle. I love my owner her name is Harriet but I call her mum. Every single day I’ve wanted to dig a hole in the ground but my owner, mum says it is bad, I don’t know why? Mum is always with these children that live with us and they hurt me by pulling me and shoving me. One day I decided to do something my way so I dug a hole, pushing though the earth it became bigger and bigger. I got in big trouble.

Will K’s 100 WC

One day a little 5 year old boy called Geoff planted an apple seed. He watered it heaps and gave it very good soil to make it grow quickly. He went to live in Beijing for 2 years. When he returned the tree had been pushing through the earth and would have to be at least 800 metres tall! That’s almost 1 km! Geoff couldn’t believe what he saw, he started to climb it. It was really easy to climb, as easy as climbing a ladder. A couple of hours later he started to feel dizzy then he fell. R.I.P

Cara’s 100 WC

I am a wombat and I am lazy, I’m walking with my friend Lucas, he’s a wombat too. We are lost in the forest because we went out to find food because we were hungry. Lucas is getting tired and so am I, we need to get back to our burrow because we wombats spend 2\3’s of our life in our burrows! It’s getting late, so we decide to build another burrow, we are pushing through the earth so hard when we hear a noise. I stop, Lucas follows my actions, we are nervous and shaky. Another wombat is approaching and it’s…. my Aunty!


As part of getting to know our class in the first weeks of school, we researched and wrote information reports about our class pets. Rabbits are very interesting creatures and include many different breeds. Here are two of our reports!



Rabbits are small mammals that are herbivores.  A male rabbit is called a buck and a female is called a doe. Rabbits have been loved by the world with many families having them as pets.

Rabbits are found in many habitats such as meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, and burrows. More than half the rabbit population live in North America.

Rabbits are expected to live for nine to twelve years. The oldest rabbit on record was eighteen years old, so it was twice the age of a regular rabbit. One of the most common deaths for a rabbit is heat stroke and getting eaten by other animals.

A rabbit’s diet is mostly grass and other leafy plants. Such as grass forbs and leafy weeds.

There are many types of rabbits. One type of rabbit that is very popular is the Mini Lop. They are featured in rabbit shows across the U.S.A. The Mini Lop has been around since 1998 so it hasn’t been around for that long. Another breed of rabbits is the Netherland Dwarf. The average weight is 500g to 1.6kg. They originated in the Netherlands. Netherland Dwarfs rabbits are smaller than most rabbit breeds.

Rabbits are pests to farmers but they make great house pets for young and old people and are easy to care for.


By Edward



By Michaela

Rabbits are small fluffy mammals that are found in many parts of the world. The total numbers of rabbits across the world is between 373,763,000 and 1,052,010,750. They live in holes and eat lots of grass.

Rabbits generally live to between 9-12 years. When they are born they have no fur and their eyes are closed. Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing.

Half of the world’s rabbit population live in North America. Rabbits usually live in holes, in meadows, woods, forests, deserts, and wetlands. When rabbits are in fields they feel most at home. Rabbits sleep up to 8 hours a day and live in groups.

Wild rabbits feed on grass, and clovers. Pet rabbits usually eat green leaves and bunny pellets. Rabbits eat their own poop to help them re-digest nutrients.

Female rabbits can have up to 130 babies per year. Rabbits can have false pregnancies. The female is usually the boss of the burrow.

If you cross a French lop with a Netherland Dwarf you get a mini lop! A Netherland Dwarf is a popular rabbit breed, which in usually smaller than other breeds. They can weigh between 500g to 1.6kg. They are often kept as pets.

Mini lops originated in North America. Mini lops are cute and cuddly, and are kept as pets!

Rabbits can jump up to 90cm high. A male is called a buck and a female is called a doe, a baby bunny is called a kit or kitten.

Rabbits are small fluffy mammals that eat green leaves and love to play!


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