February 28

Gee’s 100 WC

As I returned home from the cinemas, I gently knocked on the front door of my rundown little house on Burly Street. I waited a few minutes for an answer at the door, I grew impatient. My feet began to stroll over to the window to peek through the glass. No sign of a movement was to be seen except for the occasional rat or two. My heart sunk like a root of a tree pushing through the earth. I began to panic, hurriedly knocking on windows. I stared deeply through the house, to see a blank face. OH NO!

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3 thoughts on “Gee’s 100 WC

  1. Trish Burgess (Team 100WC)

    I really like the way you used the prompt, as a simile to describe your heart sinking: excellent work.

    A very well-written 100WC, Gee. Your writing is easy to read, your descriptions are clear and the sentences are varied.

  2. Karen Algor (Team100WC)

    Well done Gee. A lovely piece of work. I like how you’ve left the ending as a cliff hanger. The reader is left thinking about all the possibilities implied by the “OH NO!”.


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