February 28

Alex’s 100 WC

Since I have lived in this old rusty home I have been hearing some clicking noises every day of my life. My next door neighbour Bob would go up to space and to find answer about why is it always night time and never day time. When he got back I asked if I could go up with me tomorrow but he said there is no tomorrow it’s now or never. So I went up with him, it looked so cool from space. I said “Try pushing through the earth.” He said, “Why not give it a try,” he went on and did it. When we got back down we finally had sun we were all so happy.

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1 thoughts on “Alex’s 100 WC

  1. Abby Boid (100 Word Challenge)

    Seeing the sun after that huge adventure must have made the character in your story very happy indeed! Sometimes, when I write stories, I read them aloud to help me hear if I have missed any words out, or to make sure I like how the sentences sound. Do you ever do that?

    A great idea for a story, blasting off to space to try and solve a bit of a mystery. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you


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