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Gee’s 100 WC

As I returned home from the cinemas, I gently knocked on the front door of my rundown little house on Burly Street. I waited a few minutes for an answer at the door, I grew impatient. My feet began to stroll over to the window to peek through the glass. No sign of a movement was to be seen except for the occasional rat or two. My heart sunk like a root of a tree pushing through the earth. I began to panic, hurriedly knocking on windows. I stared deeply through the house, to see a blank face. OH NO!

Madison’s 100 WC

Lucy smiled as she remembered her encounter with Willow and her sisters.

They were Dryads, spirits of trees.

She remembered the creatures’ beauty, Willow’s long dusty green hair pulled back loosely, her pale brown skin covered by a curling vined dress.  Willow’s feet gently touched the ground, they looked like tree roots as they pushed through the earth.  The Dryads were beautiful and lion hearted. She remembered the battle between the Desert Dryads as they invaded the peace of the Forrest Dryads.  Still smiling, she closed her eyes and thought, opened them again, looking up at a pretty face. She was in Dryad Forrest.

Olivia’s 100 WC

 My best friend Lucas and I just recently got jobs as miners in NSW. It is our third day now but I can remember on our first day our muscles were aching and we were sweating so much because it was over 40 degrees that day. Lucas was moving the dirt in the truck while I was forcing myself to just keep pushing through the earth even though I was exhausted. By the end of that day I wasn’t sure about being a miner, but after a I had recovered with a good nights sleep I knew it was what I wanted to do. 

Alex’s 100 WC

Since I have lived in this old rusty home I have been hearing some clicking noises every day of my life. My next door neighbour Bob would go up to space and to find answer about why is it always night time and never day time. When he got back I asked if I could go up with me tomorrow but he said there is no tomorrow it’s now or never. So I went up with him, it looked so cool from space. I said “Try pushing through the earth.” He said, “Why not give it a try,” he went on and did it. When we got back down we finally had sun we were all so happy.

Alexandra’s 100 WC

Sophie and Jess were on a Mystery Island, no one had seen it before. They decided to call it NeverLeaveMeMate Island and they placed a flag on the hill they just climbed. Suddenly they heard a rumble, “rrrrrrrr’’. Masses of lava was pushing through the earth. “Quickly Runnnnnn!’’ They sprinted as fast as their hearts could take them. They saw a tree, “Jess follow me”, screamed Sophie. They went up the tree however it was so thin it was swaying everywhere. Sophie and Jess jumped down and climbed a thicker tree and when the sizzling lava came the girls were hoping the tree wouldn’t fall down and luckily it didn’t.

Eloise’s 100 WC

I was in bed with my eyes tightly closed, wishing that I could be lucky. When I opened them, where was I? I saw a glimpse of light, I followed the light to a huge mountain of rock and dirt. A gust of wind threw me into the mountain. Immediately I started pushing through the earth.

Then true magic was in front of me. A pretty little cottage with a gorgeous bedroom. Before I knew it I was fast asleep. Then I awoke as my mother whispered in my ear, “Wake up sleepy head.” There I was sitting in my own bed once again.


Will C’s 100 WC

Miggy was an unusual boy. He got bullied at school, always wet his pants and loved talking about printers. But today, Miggy wanted to do something no one had ever done before, go to the Earth’s core. Now Miggy lived near the woods, so at night, Miggy snuck out and dug a hole outside his house. At one point, the ground started shaking so Miggy had to push. It felt like he was pushing through the earth. Finally, he made it to the Earth’s core, but there was no time to look so he got out before it all crashed down.

Michaela’s 100 WC

Dear diary,

My lungs are pushing through the earth as I breathe heavily on the concrete. No one is around on this type of night, I should know I have been homeless for nearly 10 years. Tonight is a particularly bad night because I don’t have a blanket and it does not help when I can feel the snowflakes dropping on me, making me numb. Tomorrow night I think I will go back to Edwidson St as people hand out blankets and give me hot soup. All I have left is you and a broken pen I found on the road.



Lloyd’s 100 WC

I turn on the TV and there is a news report saying that a meteoroid has just crashed, no one knows how it happened and what happened but the globe starts panicking. Reporters interview some people, “What do you think of this disaster?” says the reporter. “It’s terrible, luckily no one got hurt, that we know of anyway. People are confused why did it happen, how did it happen and what happened. I think something caused the meteoroid and it just crashed, pushing through the earth!” I was in shock thinking of what would happen next, then mum walks in.

Georgia’s 100 WC

The surface is warm under my feet… I hear a crack followed by rumbling in the ground, in less than a minute the whole village is running away lava and bits of rocks go everywhere lava is …pushing through the earth,…. I hear waves wash up onto the shore on the beach somewhere in the bushes and told everybody to run over there, I glanced at a dozen large boats we run to the boats but its too late the lava had caught up everything went black…. I wake up I my warm cosy bed and had realized it was just a dream!

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