December 2013 archive

Angus’s 100 WC

Jane woke up to the sound of a dripping tap in the bathroom. Silently she slipped out of bed in dead silence and tiptoed down the hallway towards her bathroom making sure she didn’t wake anyone up. The dripping kept getting louder and faster the closer she got. From the reflection of the mirror she could see a human figure in the corner of the room. As she stepped inside to take a glimpse of who the figure was there was a flush of the toilet and there was no one there any more and then the noise stopped. No dripping, just complete silence.

James’s 100 WC

I was running as fast as I could away from the shredder. The noise was loud and the machine or in other words the monster was gigantic. If I got anywhere near that monster I’d have a 70% chance of getting shredded into little pieces. There was a corner coming up so I thought that if I turned and ran up into the building, then I should be safe. But there was no corner it was just a mirage. That’s how scared I was and then the noise stopped. I looked behind me and nothing was there, and I mean nothing!

Lili’s 100 WC

BANG! SMACK! BOOM! The sound was going crazy. I run upstairs to my cozy bedroom, lay down and take a nap. I heard something, I shiver with fear. I heard it again but his time it was louder. I get out of bed, grab my torch and head down stairs. BOOM! I hear it again but this time it was near the front of the house. I slowly tip toed to the front of the house but then I accidently dropped the torch and then the noise stopped. I soon realized that it was my dad and mum building.

Jonty’s 100 WC

And then the noise stopped, I was scared out of my wits. I have been up all night listening to it but now it has stopped. What is it? I hear footsteps outside my bedroom; I stay calm until the kitchen lights turn on. I just know that we are being robbed, and all that I can do is go out and stop them. So I slowly creep out of my bed trying not to make the smallest noise when the light turns off. I am too late, they have taken what they needed and left, but I still open my door. It’s Dad!

Max’s 100 WC

I had just walked by the mining town of Howiden, when a mysterious and creepy man came up to me. He told me a story. It went rather like this, “ There was a sound in this town that went on for days, but the most shocking thing happened. A large screech filled our ears and then the noise stopped after about two minutes. A car stopped and a man about 30 years old came out with the latest version of the handgun. The man tried to injure me but a lady walked in front of me sacrificing her.”

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