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Michaela’s last 100 WC for 2013

The ancient writing on the canvas told me that somewhere within the big blue bricks there was a secret hall leading to the future. I didn’t believe at first but when I did find it I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were no trees and the pollution makes it hard to breathe. There are flying cars and no wild life. I couldn’t see any colourful thing around me. The temperature was so hot but people were walking around in big suits. I hated the future so I turned around and walked back into the hall again to find the old room.

Millie’s last 100 WC for 2013

John claps his hand and the trap door opens. You could hear the robots delivering the baker a new type of bread and giving the butcher some new alien meat. John and Ruby were in a cell like room with a canvass and a piece if paper. Paints were all lined up and there was a paintbrush. “What is this” Ruby says with a cute little giggle. “It’s what people used to use in the olden days!” They both stood there in amazement of how old everything was. Now they use floating canvases and paintbrushes that work all by themselves.

Gee’s last 100 WC for 2013

The monotone voice followed me, as I strolled through the hollow passageway. The walls were decorated with intriguing designs with hieroglyphics above. My aching feet followed the stones that had obviously been trembled on with footsteps printed in the paths. After a rough 800m of rambling in the halls, I decided to step into a mysterious room, me being filled with fear. A set of paints awaited me and a canvas with a sparkling touch. The walls were made up of stones as I clutched a jagged block, so I yanked it out to then view the light of day.

Last 100 WC Challenge for 2013

This is the last prompt for 2013! Thank you all so much for all your hard work. One thing is clear 100 word Challenge has helped lots of you to improve your writing and to link with other writers across the world.

So, with thinking about the future, this prompt is an illustration from The Crystal Mirror, by Tim Malnick, illustrated by Katie Green.

The Crystal Mirror Illustration for 100 Word Challenge Week#15

What story will you write on it? Make sure it is the most creative you have written this year. Let your imaginations soar!

Notices for Week 10

Hi guys,

Two quick notes for this week;

1. Please bring in a role a Christmas wrapping paper tomorrow for Art.

2. Who could do a BBQ on Friday the 13th to help celebrate our final few days together as a class? Also a water fight is usually on the program!!

See you tomorrow,

Miss B

Millie 100 WC

Then the noise stopped, I was so happy I screamed. Could she have stopped, could she, no surely not, yes!! Mum had finally stopped singing on the karaoke machine. My face was no longer red, it had a big smile on it!! I wasn’t embarrassed anymore until my mum came walking over to me, kissing me on cheek saying, ‘I love you Darling.’ Why out of all nights, tonight when I have my friend over. ‘I am going to go back on to the karaoke machine, it is so much fun!’ mum said. I dropped to my knees screaming no!!!

Lottie 100 WC

I tried to move, but my body couldn’t, in a paralysis that it couldn’t free itself from. I wanted to scream, but my mouth didn’t make a blood-curling sound like I had wanted it too. A small sound came out but then the noise stopped. The silence then enveloped me… My whole body was as still as the whole room, not a single movement appeared in front of me. It reminded me of Christmas Eve – which did put me at ease a little – “No one stirred, not even a mouse”. Then a creak sounded, causing my head to snap around….

Ben 100 WC

And then the noise stopped, but the sorrow of the voice echoed in my ear. The words repeated, “If you want happiness you go, but know if you do, you will miss me.” Again it still puzzled my rotten brain. My first instinct was to think about what it meant, but then I wondered where it came from. She could tell me more but as I looked there was no one, nothing around. I knew if I left my hiding spot to find the croak but I move an inch my life will be a luxury, so I went for it.

Gee 100 WC

Torches filled the walls with light throughout the passageway, revealing the scared children on crumbled pieces of cardboard. Walking through the tunnel was depressing; these people were living here illegally for life, without many supplies for survival. The Government had already discovered the ‘houses’ that these people lived in; now a punishment was coming as an unexpected surprise. Noises filled the tunnel, everyone running as the sound came closer and then the noise stopped, as everyone prepared for a scare. Light wasn’t visible at the end of the tunnel, they tried to escape. No exits were seen, so they ran as hard as they could.

Amy 100 WC

I lay in my bed as I heard a creaking sound in the hall. I pulled my covers over my head in terror! My hands began to shake, “Who is it?” I yelled. The creaking became closer and closer, and then the noise stopped and my bedroom door slowly swung open and I heard the sound of cat scratching its finger nails on a chalk board . Tears began to stream down my face. Suddenly a shadow appeared! I quickly got up from my covers and turned the light on and I saw my brother standing in my doorway laughing at me. I let out a grunt and went back to sleep.

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