December 2013 archive

Scarlett’s last 100 WC for 2013

“Tim” I screeched trying to get his attention. In the gloomy cave my buddy Tim and I are stuck. Trying to drag my long legs along the jagged ground is just no help it feels as if I am going nowhere in this endless cave. Finally after the long walk we find something, their lay a collection of paints in colour order. We stand there amazed and above that we see a canvas with a very unusual painting on it we slowly walk up to it and touch it ,BANG,BANG suddenly Tim and I are in another dimension. We think that we are in the future.

Will’s last 100 WC for 2013

“So now all we need is a idea to help get started on our painting.” Steve muttered “Yeah” I said also annoyed. Then Steve said we could draw a story I didn’t know what this meant until he told me the story. In the story Steve has super powers and I was his trusty sidekick (Which I didn’t like) and how he took down a nasty villain named Hung. Although I didn’t like how Steve was the hero I got to work first I drew Steve in superhero tight and me in the background and gave the photo to Steve.

Lara’s last 100 WC for 2013

I walk into a small, dark room with a slight dash of colour from the paints that lie in front of me. I grab a brush, and spread some colour across the boring, white canvas. Suddenly, I see a beautiful world ahead of me. Right in front of my eyes is a shimmering water fall. It is surrounded by bright, vibrant flowers. I walk along a skinny bridge and stop. I look at all of the big and colourful things that are ahead of me, and I realise how much I’d like to stay in this colourful and beautiful world in the future……

Lottie’s last 100 WC for 2013

His brown eyes had been boring into the blank page for at least an hour. His finger was still tapping against the table in frustration, as his mind ticked over time wondering how to fill the page. “I think you should just give up on it…” His wife remarked loudly, tutting at his visible anger and frustration that was displayed on various parts of his body. “It’s killing me to watch you like this.” He turned to smile at her before speaking, “An artist never gives up. That’s what so frustrating for me, I can’t give up. I just can’t.”

Luke’s last 100 WC for 2013

“Why can’t I paint mum?!?” asked Millie. “We don’t have the paint and the canvas, I’m not going to the shop for that!!! Why can’t you play outside or do something else, Millie?” answered Mary. “FINE, I will” replied Millie. Millie was a very good climber, so she climbed to the top of her tree in her back yard and spotted a tunnel. She dashed to it, over the fence then into the unknown. When she got in, she was amazed at the sight. There was unlimited paint and a giant canvas! She was in for the time of her life!

Katherine’s last 100 WC for 2013

Hello my name is Bob Jones and I’m here with the famous Billy Stien and he is going to paint his amazing piece of art. Hi I’m Billy Stien and I’m going to paint a colourful forest so let’s get started, So back to me Bob it looks like he has drawn the trees and the animals it looks amazing and he is very creative in his work. He is also very quick, ok he is still painting but tomorrow we will have more news thank you for listing to channel one news We Will be back with more, goodnight.

Zac’s last 100 WC for 2013

“Welcome to painting school, I am your teacher. Now first of all, can you put a dot in the middle of the canvas?”

Jim and Jan get ready to put the dot in the middle of the canvas. Suddenly a shiver runs down Jims spin as they stare with fear at their really strict teacher. They hand there first request up to the teacher. “Alright now follow me,” said the teacher. He led Jim and Jan into a huge room with paints, paint brushes and pencils every where. But out of all that stuff there was only a canvas. “Draw!”

Jemma’s last 100 WC for 2013

I found an old, rusty house on the freeway. It looked empty but the lights were on. I thought it might be my imagination or was it? I walk up to the house. The old rusty steel gate at the front of the gate was open, so I decided to go in. While I was in there I found a room full of paint. My mine and soul were pushing me to draw something. I stepped forward and my hands just decided to draw the future I couldn’t do anything about it, then suddenly a black appeared and I got sucked in. It was my drawing but I wanted to get out but how do I? I could not see a door so what do I do?

Angus’s last 100 WC for 2013

The clearest mirror in the world which looked as if you could see right through it right in front of Jack and I. Surrounding the mirror was a huge collection of paint, paintbrushes, crayons, pencils and all of the other drawing materials that you can think of. So many that it was like they were asking Jack and I to draw on what I originally thought was a mirror now turning out to be a beautiful canvas. As we soon found out every living thing that you draw on that canvas appears right in front of you in live form.

Amy’s last 100 WC for 2013

Were completely lost in a dark tunnel, we walk step by step deeper and deeper into the tunnel. “Emma” my friend Violet whispers, “this way”!  We suddenly walk into a canvas with paints surrounding it. We wonder what it may be for. Then we decide we should use it to make some kind of map. We draw the way we came, then begin walking again and as we walk we paint where we have been. Eventually we see a bright light at the end of our path we run towards it! We approach the light and get out of the hole. We see Miss Rivers a few meters away and run to her. “Where have you been girls?” she yells and we say together “It’s a long story.”

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