December 30

Hawaii is the place to be….

OMG best holiday spot ever has to be Hawaii! It has only been three short days bit we have already shopped up a storm, visited Pearl Harbour and driven on the wrong side of the road (only once!). We have also layed for hours on the beach, taking short swims and naps as well! The food here is out of control, way too big a serve and I have just unbuttoned my jeans after my mountain of nachos tonight (only ate about a quarter!)


Today we went to Pearl Harbour which I didn’t know much about. I learnt why the Japanese attacked USA and that it was a surprize attack in which over 3500 people died. We ferried out to the battleship Arizona which still lays where it sunk in 1940. You can still see parts of it sticking out of the water. It was  very sad listening to some of the stories of the survivors and what they went through!

Anyway Im off to bed for an early day tomorrow, we are going to Northside to see some 20m waves! Don’t worry I won’t be swimming in them!

MB xo

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3 thoughts on “Hawaii is the place to be….

  1. Lottie

    You’re holiday sounds so amazing! And Pearl Harbour?! You lucky duck!

    Hawaii is offically on my travels list…

    – Lottie x


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