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Hawaii is the place to be….

OMG best holiday spot ever has to be Hawaii! It has only been three short days bit we have already shopped up a storm, visited Pearl Harbour and driven on the wrong side of the road (only once!). We have also layed for hours on the beach, taking short swims and naps as well! The food here is out of control, way too big a serve and I have just unbuttoned my jeans after my mountain of nachos tonight (only ate about a quarter!)


Today we went to Pearl Harbour which I didn’t know much about. I learnt why the Japanese attacked USA and that it was a surprize attack in which over 3500 people died. We ferried out to the battleship Arizona which still lays where it sunk in 1940. You can still see parts of it sticking out of the water. It was  very sad listening to some of the stories of the survivors and what they went through!

Anyway Im off to bed for an early day tomorrow, we are going to Northside to see some 20m waves! Don’t worry I won’t be swimming in them!

MB xo


So I told you all I would show you a picture of me all dressed up for my own Graduation and finally I have had time to put it up! Here is me with my girls Eva and Laura!

Teddy is home for the holidays!

Well Teddy has joined the farm at the Baker household and will spend the summer with Betty White, Mr Von Krumm and Beatrice! Hopefully non of them kill him! If anyone wants to host Teddy for part of the break, I am happy to drop him off!


End of 2013!

Well our time has come to an end people and I am very, very, very sad! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014!

Ben’s last 100 WC for 2013

The winding corridors puzzled me as I lost my way through this great castle. I departed the hallway and peered into a room.  What lay was a pallet of paint, a blank canvas and the remains of a sign that I gleamed once said “The Future”.  I was more confused than before but I felt the urge to explore.  The sign was looking towards the blank canvas. I was also scared now as I thought of the possibilities of what this meant.  I hunched over to see and I could faintly see a portrait… then I fell through the painting…

Bianx’s last 100 WC for 2013

 I couldn’t breathe. Sweat began to leak out of the pours of my skin. I could still hear all the screaming from my curled position on the couch. I tried to block it out by closing my head inside two patterned couch cushions to give myself even just a second to think about what I’d just done. But there was no getting out of it. It happened it was now in the book of the past. Also there was no escaping the fact that I did it. No one else, but me. I’m responsible for all that had been done.

Ed’s last 100 WC for 2013

I walked into a room with a crystal mirror and a hundreds of paint brushes and lots of paint.  I pick up a brush and dap it in the brown paint and paint a dog, when I finished it I stepped back and admired my art. All of a sudden the crystal mirror lit up with a flash, light the sun. The dog I painted jumped out of the mirror and parked, I went to the mirror and painted a cat the flash came back and then the cat jumped out. What ever I draw comes out of the mirror.

James’s last 100 WC for 2013

As I walk into the dark room underneath the castle at England. I hoped to find something good. I hope its gold, or any kind of treasure. I finally get to the end of the dark room and I see paint and a canvas. I guess it’s for painting but for painting what. I go over to the canvas and paint and get a brush. I dip it in the red paint and start painting on the canvas. As soon I had finished using the red a monster came out. It wasn’t a friendly monster it looked  super deadly.

Lili’s last 100 WC for 2013

There was red, yellow, green, purple, blue and pink paint in dirty old rusty jars. I stare at the canvas with expression. I pick up the paint brush and close my eyes. I was in the dessert, my feet soaking in the glistening sand. I walked for ages; everything had now turned into shiny waterfalls. All of a sudden I see an island with water calling out to me. I see round coconuts jumping with excitement. I feel a pinch on my skin and wake up. I look on the canvas and see that I had painted my whole dream. Something really stood out it was a jar of red paint.

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