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Jonty 100 WC

It was Christmas day and everyone went around to nanna and pop’s house. We all went outside and had a BBQ, we had all kinds of stuff, snags, bacon and turkey. Then after lunch my cousins and I saw pop sleeping in his rocking chair next to a dirty old pond. So we slowly crept up behind him and then we pushed him into the tiny pond. We all knew that we were going to be in some trouble so we all ran and hid behind the nearest thing we could find, we were really close to getting caught!

Jemma 100 WC

It was the 17 January, 1915. I left all my life savings in the…….. That was the last words of the mother of the house, she told no-one her name. It was her last words planet earth. The whole family was in shock but the one thing on their minds was, “Where is this it?” The father of the house was the only person in the house that knew where the money was. He got the money and ran; he ran past his family and past the house. He went past the pond but the box slipped and he had to go in and get it. By accident he fell in and died.

Family Origins

In Australia, many families have originated from countries all around the world. This is because our country was first set up as a penal colony, to house convicts from the UK.

We interviewed our families to find out how many generations we had to go back to find the ancestor who originally immigrated to Australia. Here are our results below:


We also found out what country they our families originally came from. Check out our graph below:

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