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Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog

I choose to nominate, Mr Avery’s 6th Grade Class Blog. This is because they had some very interesting blog posts and it clearly shows all the work that they have done. The class seem very busy with the amazing videos that they have uploaded to their blog! They had included plenty of links, videos, photos and work to the blog that I thought was an impressive thing.

If you want to look at their blog, go to this link:

Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog

By Gee

Amy’s Blog!

I would like to nominate Amy’s blog ( for Best Student Blog. This blog is so amazing, that it’s not funny! Amy draws (her drawings are really, really good), writes (haven’t read many of her “writing” posts, but the ones I’ve read are excellent) and does much, much more! Her blog was very entertaining to look at and scroll through, she really put a smile on my face!

By Lottie


‘Come Somersault with Sarah!’

I chose the student blog named ‘ Come Somersault with Sarah’. I chose this blog because its layout was great and the girl named Sarah put posts down for almost everything she was doing from her violin skills to cutting her hair. Sarah had cool widgets such as a moving globe showing and saying how many visitors she had. She had many youtube clips showing all the things she has been up to.

The blog was truly amazing. Check it out at


By Max

Sunday fun at the Colour Run!

Yesterday morning Crystal and I sleepily drove ourselves to Flemmington Race Track for the annual Colour Run! After a quick coffee and piece of vegi toast we dragged our tired bodies to the start line. The clouds were looming and we prayed for no rain, as we patiently awaited the beginning of the race. It was a slow start as there were so many people participating and we finally crossed the start line 30 minutes after the race had officially begun!

In our clean white t-shirts we set off up the big hill only to be greeted at the top by Colour Run volunteers armed with water pistols filled with blue spray! White t-shirts we had no longer! The next colour was orange and that is when we really started to get dirty!


After that was yellow, then pink (my favourite of course!) and finally blue again! After we finally crossed the finish line we were filthy from head to toe! At the very end we picked up a packet of colour each and I threw it all over Crystal because she looked a little too clean to me!

Finally we danced to the DJ that was playing and yes we even danced to 1D! We were so tired that we began the slow walk back to car. Man we had tired legs when we got home, so we had an arvo on the couch!

Message in a bottle-Lara

I know it must be really hard going through what you have just gone through. The pain and the suffering of seeing those around you and seeing terrifying things. But it will be ok. These days wouldn’t have been your best, and you wouldn’t have wished for it to come, but you just have to hope for it to all get better. This is a message of encouragement and hope. We have all kept you in our prayers and thoughts . Lots of people have seen what you have gone through and look up to you for being so brave…

Message in a bottle-Will

I wish that it only gets better from here and you can get up and start again. After the Typhoon you will be OK, I do not know how you would feel, but remember that you will stay strong and survive. I feel sorry for your losses and destruction and I hope you get some aids from our country, giving food and water. It is amazing that you have been given the gift of living, so use it wisely. I will keep you in my prayers and so will everybody in the world, from a person who cares  about you.


Message in a bottle-Millie

As I don’t know what it feels like be in your shoes, in your country, at this time, I am still going to remind you that it will be ok. There is hope in this world. As you look around your town just remember that people are keeping you in their prayers, at least I know I am. Promise me that you will keep trying, that nothing will put you down. Stay strong, let the future come along and I promise that if you believe it, everything will come together again. Here is my letter in a bottle for you xo

Message in a bottle-Lottie

To the people of the Philippines,

I’m really sorry about the things that you have been through the last couple of days. The losses, the pain, the torture of seeing the place you live in destroyed. But it will all be okay. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day but soon it will all be over. Your countries people will re-build and don’t you ever think that you’ll forget the loved ones that you’ve lost, because you won’t and neither will the whole world.

You’ll forever be the strongest people I’ve heard of and will remain in my prayers.


–       Charlotte

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