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Scarlett 100 WC

“Quite we’re being watched.” Anna and Max stood there with their eyes popping out of their head looking at the black shadow swishing past each window like a lightning bolt. The black shadow gloomed down at them warning them to get away. “Its him, we need to leave right now!” whispered Max to Anna. They turned around and there was the person that was looking down at them. He stood there with a razorblade knife and shimmering off it was a beam of sunlight. He brought his knife forward as if he was throwing a javelin stick and jabbed it into the man’s back.

Lili 100 WC

No it can’t be him, he’s long gone? The rusty wooden window opened and a squeaky voice blew through the dark night sky. The figure disappeared, I shivered. I saw a shadow, there was a person, well what looked like a rat holding a hammer with some sort of red substance on it. I ran for my life. I turned a corner and all of a sudden I was in a parallel universe. The figure came again but this time I could actually see him. He had a stubbled face, scares and huge mouldy ears. He said, “I’ve been waiting for you!!”

Amy 100 WC

“Lets go, we to leave now!” But before they have the chance to leave, the windows start to crack and heavy metal balls and electric shocks come out of the cracked windows. “It’s Electroman!” The big shadowy figure comes out from the dark, fear fills their eyes as his shining red eyes shine and his sharp teeth are like a vampire that could eat threw wire. He continuously throws out electric shocks, their is nothings that can stop him. It’s to late, an electric force wraps around them. “Your finally here, your mine now and you will do what I say!”

Georgia 100 WC

The stones crumbled under my feet as I strolled up the path with my friend. The terror in her eyes told me that the man in my house was an unwanted guest. We reached my neighbour’s house to stay safe in the warmth of a home. The house shuttered as we banged on the old wooden door. Footsteps followed as we entered the house without an answer. Floors were creaking as we settled down on the couch. We heard more footsteps continuing to trace our path. The skeleton was in my house, now in the abandoned house of my neighbour.

Jonty 100 WC

“Leave where?” “I need your help to take this product to the creepy guy.”

I was shocked, there was a guy called Bob standing behind us with a gun and cigarette, hanging out of his mouth. “I don’t know why he needs our help he has a gun,” I said to Bob. “You have a gun, you can give the product to him.” Then he whispered, “This guy killed a whole city.” I turn around and looked at Beck, then nodded and turn around and Bob was gone. Where did he go? Suddenly Beck was getting strangled but by who….

Zac 100 WC

“He disappeared, the man in the window, he’s gone” said Sally frightened. “There he is, RUN!” yelled Mike. The word “BOO!” stopped Sally and Mike in their tracks. It was a short, chubby boy with dangerously, spiky hair. “What are you doing here?” said Spike with a soft, husky voice. “We were playing footy and we kicked the ball in the yard,” hurried Mike panicky. “You shouldn’t be here,” said Spike. “Every ball that comes on this yard will…. find were you live and haunt you,” explained Spike in his usual voice. “ I would run if I were you!”

Katherine 100 WC

Bill and Kate started to run until they heard a scream, so they ran back to the house. Bill opened the door. There was blood everywhere. They both crept inside then they heard footsteps coming down from the stairs. Kate saw a man with a girl in his hands. She tried to get out of his hands. He took her to a room where she screamed again. So they both ran in the room where there were children tied up and had been hurt. The man walked out and Bill and Kate untied all the children and they ran away.

Max’s 100 WC

The creepiest living being in the whole world had just spotted two of the best Creepy Ghost killer’s agents alive. They were staring at him right in the eyes trying to break him as if it was a staring contest. The star shaped monster smashed the window and using so much momentum that he fell out. The two agents got out their guns and shot at him. They obviously missed because the star shaped man was so skinny. The man that fell out of the window quickly recovered and pulled out his AK-47 and shot the world famous agents down.

5C’s Class Blog

For this year’s student blogging challenge, I would like to nominate 5C’s CLASS BLOG.  There blog was full of information of what they get up to and full of information about their subjects and their classes fun experiences.  They deserve to win because their blog is full of colour, facts and fun!

By Alyssa

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