November 29

Will 100 WC

Muso Mic and his evil minion Ugly Buggly burst thought the door trying to reach out for special agent, Ben and Bec. Ugly Buggly looked about twelve with aviators, a trench coat, jeans and a prison shirt. Muso Mic on the other hand, had massive teeth the size of a soccer ball and a shredded suit. Ugly Buggly pulled out a cigar and gun and yelled, “Call off this investigation NOW!’’ Bec said, “Never!” and started running. Ugly Buggly and Muso Mic shot a few rounds at the agents. A car pulled up and took the agents away to safety…..

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1 thoughts on “Will 100 WC

  1. Mr Connor - Team 100wc

    Hi Will,

    This is a very interesting twist to the 100wc. I like that you have introduced so many characters and that you have a clear direction to your writing.

    Perhaps you could have described their escape in a little more detail.

    Well done,

    Mr Connor
    Year 5 teacher
    Derby, UK


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