November 29

Lottie 100 WC

BANG! The back door slammed before Jada’s petite shadow ran from behind it, her hair was wet and flimsy on her shoulder. Tears ran into her mouth, sending her throat, croaking. Archie and Payton looked shocked, but knowing at the same time, their eyes giving the feelings away. She was nearly to the frozen couple when the familiar man appeared at the window again.

“Help! He’s here!” Jada yelled once she was in the warm embrace of Payton. “We know! Don’t worry… We’ll get him-““No, no! You don’t understand! He’s back forever…” She couldn’t go on. Her ex-husband was back.



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1 thoughts on “Lottie 100 WC

  1. Mrs McGuiness Team 100WC

    Lottie, what an emotional 100WC you have written. You have described how the characters were feeling brilliantly. I like how you have thought about a realistic reason why the characters might be afraid. I enjoyed your 100WC, well done!

    Mrs McGuiness (Team 100WC), Derbyshire, England


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