November 29

Bianx 100 WC

Archie began to panic and his stomach churned. “This house has just been built!” replied Joanne. “Trust me! He won’t take disobedience from anyone, in no time you’ll be at his feet! Let’s Go!” whispered Archie. Joanne scanned the horizon for a dark hiding place for them to flee too. Archie gripped her wrist and slid her behind him. A loud crack of thunder emerged from large dark clouds as a flickering shadow reflected amongst the untrimmed lawn in front of them. They both turned around to a short and stubby individual holding up a hand, ordering them to stop…


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1 thoughts on “Bianx 100 WC

  1. Mrs Natusch

    To Bianx
    Great picture! He’s obviously the short and stubby individual in your story. I am wondering why he ordered your characters to stop. What will he do?
    Your writing has wonderful descripions all the way through! Great job!
    From Mrs Natusch
    team 100WC


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