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Jemma 100 WC

“Quiet we’re being watched, Wait …… this is wrong.I’ve seen this place before. It cant be , its him. We need to leave right now!”

“Are you sure Brad?” said Holly.

“Holly we need to leave1!” yelled Brad. “You see that guy, he’s the person that has been in the corner of our eyes , the guy that followed us to the City, the forest. Remember that guy at the harbour? Thats him. He wants us dead and he wants us dead now!”

 Cut, Cut, Cut,  take 5, this time be more scary. We want feel that fear in your eyes when Dave follows you.

Ben 100 WC

His bright figure loomed out of the gloom of the shadows. His nostrils flared as his bloodshot eyes stared my down. My accomplice bolted as the creature approached.  He sent a thorn the size of a tree into my shoulder from his bee like tail, his symbol of his ownership. The wound burned as blood trickled down my side.  In the deepest voice I could to make me sound superior through the horrific pain I defiantly screamed, “Do you know what happens to a bee after it has stung?  It dies!” At that moment a shotgun fired.  He came back.

Lottie 100 WC

BANG! The back door slammed before Jada’s petite shadow ran from behind it, her hair was wet and flimsy on her shoulder. Tears ran into her mouth, sending her throat, croaking. Archie and Payton looked shocked, but knowing at the same time, their eyes giving the feelings away. She was nearly to the frozen couple when the familiar man appeared at the window again.

“Help! He’s here!” Jada yelled once she was in the warm embrace of Payton. “We know! Don’t worry… We’ll get him-““No, no! You don’t understand! He’s back forever…” She couldn’t go on. Her ex-husband was back.



Will 100 WC

Muso Mic and his evil minion Ugly Buggly burst thought the door trying to reach out for special agent, Ben and Bec. Ugly Buggly looked about twelve with aviators, a trench coat, jeans and a prison shirt. Muso Mic on the other hand, had massive teeth the size of a soccer ball and a shredded suit. Ugly Buggly pulled out a cigar and gun and yelled, “Call off this investigation NOW!’’ Bec said, “Never!” and started running. Ugly Buggly and Muso Mic shot a few rounds at the agents. A car pulled up and took the agents away to safety…..

Alyssa 100 WC

Without making a noise, he suddenly appeared behind them, with his large oval shaped eyes and his big white grin.  He looked at them with rage and hatefulness.  With this the couple started backing away, almost as if they were planning to make a run for it.  But their hopes were soon crushed by his feral dog.  The dog began barking like a madman whilst trying to thrust them back to the man.  The man and his dog began walking towards the couple, enclosing them in the little space they had, until he was close enough to begin the process.

Bianx 100 WC

Archie began to panic and his stomach churned. “This house has just been built!” replied Joanne. “Trust me! He won’t take disobedience from anyone, in no time you’ll be at his feet! Let’s Go!” whispered Archie. Joanne scanned the horizon for a dark hiding place for them to flee too. Archie gripped her wrist and slid her behind him. A loud crack of thunder emerged from large dark clouds as a flickering shadow reflected amongst the untrimmed lawn in front of them. They both turned around to a short and stubby individual holding up a hand, ordering them to stop…


Lara 100 WC

“Hurry we need to leave now” explained the detective as a shiver ran down his spine. The detective and his wife quickly moved away from the mysterious house until they heard a smash coming from the window. They saw a black figure approach from the front door. The figure was tall and slim and had spikey hair. The detective and his wife ran to the bushes with fear. The detective reached for his binoculars and peered through them – where had he gone? The detective turned around in shock because he was behind them. He tried to escape but it was too late….

James 100 WC

“We must get out of here. This guy is dangerous; he tickles people until their boogers come out of their mouths. That’s why they call him the Boogey Monster! It is not safe around him.”

“But I want to see him,” said the girl. “He doesn’t even look like a monster,”

“He’s disguised as a normal person,” said the man.

“Look he’s gone,” said the girl.

“Don’t be silly,” said the man. “He’s right…….

“RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” the Boogey Monster roared.

They jumped and accidentally landed on their knees. They rolled off the building into a car and drove off back home.

Baked potatoes from our P2 garden!

This week our class dug out our potatoes that we planted last term and it was only yesterday when we got to bake them and put our own toppings on them and eat them.  We all got one or two potatoes each.  They were only medium sized but some of them were quite small.  We all cut our potatoes into 2, 3 or 4 pieces and put our own toppings on.  Most of us had sour cream on them but we also put on some other toppings like bacon, cheese, carrot and spring onion!  There were many different varieties as to what people put on top of their potatoes. It was a very delicious lunch and grown by us!

By Alyssa

Ed 100 WC

As they were about walk away, the door slowly opened with a spooky creek. The person stepped out of the door but they couldn’t see his face, a flash of lightning suddenly flashed a light on his face. Every time there was lightning he got closer. He was about five meters away, they could see his face. He had scares on his face, some of his ear was missing, and he had sharp teeth and a tattoo. Another lightning bolt flashed. The man was gone. They turned around, and the man was behind them. The adrenalin rushed through them, he a smiled….

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